TIPS TO TOEFL | How to get high score in TOEFL?

April 1st, 2010| Education.

TIPS TO TOEFL | How to get high score in TOEFL?

TOEFL is one of very important pre requisite examination to be qualified with high score in order to obtain the admissions in any of the foreign universities for their higher studies.  This score is been accepted by all the universities around 130 counties which includes America, Britain, Canada. Complete knowledge is very essential to get a good score in this test which plays a very crucial role in obtaining the seats in any of the foreign universities.

TOEFL is the exam which is conducted to test the capability of the student in English language who is not having English as mother tongue.   There are in total four sections in this exam which are tested in various skills of the student in the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking.  If a student is concentrated more on reading and listening the other two skills speaking and writing are very easy.

The student has to carefully listen the Pad costs and the recorded English lectures and for this it is better to have a look at the various universities web sites to get the information.  In the same way listening to the NDTV, BBC, CNN news channels of our country which broadcasts the news bulletins is very useful and can get the reading material from these sources.  Even one can get the required material for preparation can be seen from site. Chatting with the friends who are having English as their mother tongue is also useful.    Besides these activities discussions with the English spoken people is to be observed very carefully thinking that learning that language is simple.

Another important way is to play a role of journalist by you.  Try to write the notes for the summaries of various discussions, speeches.   During this process use the vocabulary flash cards to get the correct vocabulary.  Prepare yourself as a candidate who is preparing for the vocabulary quiz show.  The YouTube site becomes  very useful source in this preparation.  Especially the site www.\tofeltv .  From this site one can get the tips and suggestions which are given by the English language instructors and the students who already appeared for the TOEFL exam.

The student has to prepare the Para phrasing text practice and summarize the matter in that.  During this process one can use the charts and outlines given in the matter and try to know the tips and techniques of quick reading.  Practicing the reading techniques and questions in the computer and besides these even the listening tips are also essential.  After reading the complete passage or text the main idea is to be known and in the same way the important points and the important issues are to be known and to be noted while reading.

Complete concentration on listening means recognizing the attitude of the speaker and has to know why the speech is necessary.  Besides this the knowledge on the topic of the speaker and the differences in the ideas are to be known well.  Then the difference between them is known well and the main reason why the speaker is speaking is also known. Gather the article from any source like news paper, campus news paper, magazine or any subject text book and read the article louder and frame two to three questions from that article. Have a talk with the speaking partner and try to grab the answers from them. Try to complete the talk on the article in just one minute and try to collect the opinion of that topic. Discuss the problem in that article and try to find a solution for those problems.

Pronunciation is another kind of method which is based on the way we talk. Try to learn the way or the style how the Americans and British and try to speak in the slow motion. Observe carefully how the letters K, T, D, P and T are pronounced by them. Try to understand the relation between the teeth and the lower lip when they are pronouncing. Though we practice a lot and becomes talented in that way of foreign speech, it is not equal to that of the native language of the Foreigners but by making these changes in our speech they can understand our speech.

Writing is another art and the process of writing in a systematic and concentrated way is a part of it. For example read an article and try to listen the listening material of that topic and prepare the summary of that topic. After summarizing the topic explain the similarities and differences in the topic and in that way try to get the reading and listening material of that particular topic. After this process, try to practice the oral summary or outline of that topic. The summary must contain 150 to 225 words. While doing this process help and guidelines can be taken from the sources like tips watch, video clips and model questions by downloading from the web site www. . by doing all this process one can easily and confidently attend for the TOEFL examination.

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