Tirupati Tirumala TTD Lord Venkateswara Brahmotsavams

September 17th, 2009| Travel.

Arrangements for the devotees who are coming to view the ‘vahana sevas’ of Lord Venkateswara on the event of Brahmotsavams (starting from 21.09.09) are going well in the Tirumala and Tirupati. The Brahmotsavams will be ended on 29.9.09.
– On Brahmotsava days, 4000 extra security force will be there.  And also few more forces will be deputed on the days of 21.09.09 (Dwajarohanam), 25.09.09 (Garudotsavam), 26.09.09 (Swarnotsavam), 28.09.09 (Maharathotsavam), 29.09.09 (Chakasnanam).
– The following Darshanas (VIP break Darshan, Arjitha Sevas, Advance booking of rooms at TTD, Physically handicapped darshan, Senior citizen darshan, Infant baby’s parent darshan) will be canceled during Brahmotsavams.
Tirupati Tirumala Devastanams cottage rooms allotment is done on first come first basis. This allotment is valid for 24 hrs only.
– Daily free meals for 1 lakh people per day will be served through the Sri Vari Nitya Anna Danam. These free meals can be available at different places like Vaikuntam, Que-complex, Q-lines. In the Q-complex and Q-lines the food packets will be served to the devotees with drinking water.
– And TTD is arranging extra health check up centres, first aid treatment centres and ambulance facilities in many places of Tirumala for devotees.
– For every one minute there will be a bus between Tirumala and Titupati.  Ghat road will be opened for 24 Hrs.
– Daily 60,000 devotees can get tonsured, during Brahmotsavams, in Srivari Kalyana Katta.
– Storage of 3,00,00 Tirupati Laddus for continuous supply of laddus to devotees.
-Musical, and cultural programs about Lord Venkateswara, will be arranged daily in fornt of Main Temple, Asthana Mantapam.
– Permanent galleries in Mada street, with barricades. And barricades arrangement around Bedi Anjaneya swamy temple.
– Digital display screens in main centres of Tirumala.
– Live telecast of vahana sevas through SV Bakthi Channel, and other channels.
– Media centre arrangement in Rambhagicha Guest house.
– Lord Venkateswara / Balaji illuminated cut-outs and flowers decorated cut outs of other gods in many places of Tirumala.
– Fruits and flower exhibition at Papavinasanam tollgate.

Tirupati Tirumala TTD Lord Venkateswara Brahmotsavams Photo Gallery:

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