Top selling 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler Auto companies or car companies in India

October 29th, 2010| In India.

Top selling 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler Auto companies or car companies in India

Top selling 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler

The people are showing more interest to buy the 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers which are bought into the market with special features. The companies are also manufacturing more vehicles and Maruthi Suziki had manufactured 1, 08,006 vehicles in the month of September. The company had registered for the sale of more than one lakh vehicles for the fourth time in this financial year. The Honda motors had shown good results in the sale of the commercial vehicles and the companies are becoming more competitive to attract the people in the festival season.


The Mahindra and Mahindra Company had increased their sale by five times more.

  • The hero Honda Company is getting ready to introduce new models in the two wheelers to attract the people in the festive season.
  • In the previous month, the nano car which belongs to the Tata motors had increased its sale by 61% and the sake is done up to 5520. The sale of the indica cars had fallen by 37% and they had reached only 40%. The sale of the indigo family had increased by 248% and they had reached 8783.
  • The exports of the Hyundai company had reduced by 24.3% and the sale reduced to 19,690.
  • The figo car which belongs to ford India had gained great response.
  • The TVS motors had sold 3222 three wheelers in the month of September.
  • The GS150R, scooter access 125 and sling shot had gained good attraction and the sale of the Suziki motor cycles had increased.
  • The sale of the Maruthi Suziki had increased by 26.23% and the sale had reached 5, 96,978.
  • The sale of the cruise and spark vehicles which belong to the general motors’ had increased.
  • The Mahindra login car sale had increased by 96.08% and they had reached 1000. The Mahindra company sold 510 login vehicles in the same season during the last year.

Two wheelers:

Company 2010, September 2009, September increase
Honda motors 123831 86199 43.6
Hero Honda motors 433641 401290 8.06
TVS motors 188005 143753 31.00
Suziki motors 22534 15542 44.99
India Yamaha 33944 29900 13.53
M & M 16569 3006 451.00


Company 2010, September 2009, September Increase
Hyundai motor 31751 27803 14.20
Ford India 47902 14209 237.00
General motors 8617 7654 13.00
M & M 35177 28434 23.71
Tata motors 64668 52513 23.00
Maruthi Suzuki 108006 83306 29.65
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