Treatment for handwriting

July 10th, 2010| Education.

Treatment for handwriting

When we enter Education Hospital of Bhaskar located at Tirupati, we will see a different scene. All people right from five year children to sixty years elders, will be seen learning alphabets. They are trying to change their handwriting. Handwriting will depict our attitude and life style. According to graphologists, those who write the letters clearly and orderly will be having self confidence. By looking at the letters tilted towards a particular direction, their attitude can be known. Improvement of handwriting can also bring improvement and development in attitude and lifestyle of a person. Bhaskar Raju developed a new method to improve handwriting which is different from traditional methods. For this, he has even invented a device. He has applied for patent also.

Different kinds of slates

Hai Slate is one of the important ones designed by Raju. It is different from the traditional slate we use commonly. It is made of fiber like material and the letter would be printed on it. These letters will be hollow. Different slates are available for English, Telugu and Hindi language letters. According to the arrow symbol, sketch pen is used to write on it. Generally, when we write on paper with pen or on slate with chalk, letters will go slant. But because of the special internal construction in the fiber slate, letter will not go slanting. Sketch pen used on this slate is also different. Duster is given in the cap of this pen which can erase the letters on this slate, without retaining stains. It can be used for any number of times. This slate will be very much useful to practice the writing of letters in shape. Required material for the manufactory of the slate will be brought from foreign countries. Transparent sheets will be helpful to practice writing letters orderly. CD that explains the tips and care to be taken while improving handwriting is given. All these items come in a single kit which is named as ‘Good Hand Writing Home Study Kit’. It is priced at Rs.500 only.

When handwriting is not good, it can also lead to depression. It will also affect studies and job. Every one wants to write letters beautifully. But many are not able to do. Incidents that have impact on mind at small ages will disturb handwriting. Present teaching methods will also not help in acquiring good handwriting. Raju explains that he has established ‘Educational Hospital’ owing to such reasons.

Generally all children will be intelligent and no one will be separate with less intelligence. Failure of teaching is making some children to be so. Bad handwriting, spelling mistakes and others are problems of those who study. When such problems are rectified, they can also turn as gems in studies. It is possible through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Bhaskar Raju is trying to spread the availability of this kit across Andhra Pradesh rather than pertaining to only Tirupati. Training is being given to interested candidates in cities. Handwriting kits are being sold to them at lesser prices itself. Private educational institutions are also showing interest towards ‘Educational treatment’ of Bhaskar Raju. Not only students, but also software engineers, doctors, lawyers and others are attending handwriting classes. Interested candidates can contact on 9000072359 or email For more details, visit