TTD Shigradarshanam / Shigradarshan (Rs.300) starts from 21.10.09 | Pay Rs.300 and do Quick darshan

October 18th, 2009| Prices, Travel.

TTD Lord Venkateswara DarshanThe AAD and cellar darshans are going to cancel from 21st october 2009. In that place Rs.300 Shigradarshanam / Shigradarshan will be started.

This Shigra darshanam will costs Rs.300 per head. This tickets will be issue round the clock.

Don’t approach any brokers or agents to get these Rs.300 tickets for Balaji darshan.  This is also called as Rs.300 Paid darshan.

Anyone can get from the counters. Need not not do the reservation or advance booking for TTD Lord Venkateswara darshan. No noeed of online booking.

One can come directly to the Tirumala, take the Rs.300 ticket and join the queue / line at Silver entrance. It is very comfort to many devotees.

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