Types of Dating in India …. Blind dating, Internet dating, Speed dating | Precautionary Tips for safe dating

August 23rd, 2010| In India.

Types of Dating in India …. Blind dating, Internet dating, Speed dating | Precautionary Tips for safe dating


Dating is the new trend with the youth now.  Young couples are seen in the malls and pubs.  Dating also has its share of good and bad.  Know the limitations and dating can be a pleasant friendship.  If the limits are crossed it destroys the life.

Dating is considered a bad practice by many people.  Society is against young men and women moving closely. Abnormal behaviour of some persons also is the reason.  There are some people who question that what is wrong in sharing feelings and friend ship.   Even when the society is against dating before marriage, youth are not in a mood to listen to it.

Many varieties in dating

Blind dating:  Persons who are unknown to each other move closely.  This is called blind dating.  But it is not advisable to go out with unknown people.  Any un towards incident can spoil the life.

When marriage alliance is going to be fixed parents are allowing the bride and bridegroom to share their feelings and opinions.  This comes under blind dating.

Internet dating: In this type of dating, the couple does not meet personally for many months.  They continue to chat on the internet.  They do have a feeling of love between them.

Speed dating:  This is popular in western countries.  It is slowly catching up in cities like Delhi and Mumbai.  If the biodata is given to some organisations, they will select the suitable persons.  It can then be decided that for how many days they want to continue dating.

Double dating: Two sets of couple share the things which they cannot understand.

Precautionary Tips for safe dating

Some precautions are to be taken while going out for dating.  Experts are advising to take the good things in dating.  Do not cross the limits.  Do not believe the persons completely.  Do not give them phone numbers and e-mails.  Do not criticize the opposite person.  Do not insult them.  Do not tell them about your past experiences.  Listen to the opposite person carefully.  Do not be in the feeling that dating is marriage.  If the opinions do not match, continue the friendship.  Do not maintain physical relationships.  Share the hotel bills.  Do not take mobile phones and laptop computers.  Stay in open place.  Do not wear golden ornaments and other valuable things.

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