Tyres of Vehicles Should Be Checked from regularly | Air in Tyre Tubes

October 9th, 2011| How To.


The problem of traffic is becoming a major problem in the cities these days. No one cares for none in this busy world. If the tyre of a vehicle like bike or anything else is broken or punctured, the situation will be very different. Whether it is a two wheeler or a four wheeler the riders have to be very careful in the matter of tier and its working condition before riding the vehicle. If proper and necessary precautions are not taken there are chances to get attacked with major accidents which may sometimes leads to loss of lives.

The tyres of the vehicles are to be changed when they are run for a certain distances after their purchase. But, most of the people are not concentrating in this issue and are neglecting it. They are using the tyres till it becomes soft and torn. That is the reason why, these tyres are blasting   suddenly. In case of tyres and their maintenance, the bus, lorry and the other four wheeler vehicles riders act negligently without any care for their vehicle. The main reasons for this are the financial problems. Another reason for this is due to the damage of the highways in most of the cities makes the tyres get damaged. At present, there are tubeless tyres for the cars and two wheelers. With that there is no danger if the air is released from the tyre or if the tyre gets punctured. Besides this, even the radial tyres are beneficial for the people in these days. For these vehicles, the chances for losing the air out from the tube is very less when compared to the normal and ordinary vehicle tubes. That is the reason why the usage of these radial tyres is increasing these days.

Prices of Tyres

The prices of the tyres are increasing day by day. One year back the prices of one pair of tyres was Rs. 18 – Rs. 19 thousand and whereas now, their price ranges from Rs.21 to Rs. 23 thousand to the maximum. In the same way, the price of the tyres of the two wheelers used to be Rs. 800- Rs. 900 and now, it has been increased to Rs. 1500 – Rs. 1600.

Precautions are to be taken about tyres

One has to be very careful in using the tyres of the vehicles though two wheeler or four vehicles. The tyres are to b examined from time to time. This checking includes even the air that is there in the vehicle. The main reason behind this is when a sudden break is applied there is a chance for skidding of the vehicle which leads to accidents. That is why the vehicles are to be ride only after taking all the precautionary measures.

 Here is a table which shows that how much the air that should be there in the vehicle tyres…

Vehicle Back tyre Front tyre
Bus 110 100
Lorry 110 100
Car 32 30
Tractor 100 40
Auto 80 40
Luggage Van 100 80
Two Wheeler 40 30

 Here is another table which shows that after how many kilometers of riding, the tyre is to be changed…

Vehicle Kilometer (in Thousands)
Bus 30
Lorry 30
Car 40
Auto 20
Two Wheeler 25