Unemployment in India effects-Unemployment problems

December 12th, 2011| News.

Unemployment in India

Unemployment in India

Unemployment in India is a major problem. Many young people could not find a job for themselves and lakhs of people are in jobs which do not suit to them. Many people are underemployed because of non-availability of jobs in their specialized fields. There are many reasons for unemployment in India, population explosion being one of the main reasons. Though industrial sector is growing, the growth is not on par with the growth of population of India. So industries are not able to provide jobs to all the talented youth in the society. This has increased competition for the jobs.

Unemployment in India has created such a condition that candidates who are overqualified for a job are being given the job because of the cut throat competition. Scarcity of jobs is making the people corrupt as they started demanding bribe to give a job. The candidates who are in desperate need of job are even bribing the officials. The jobs one get after all these efforts are also not secure.

Unemployment in India is also because of the drawbacks in education system. The unemployment problem faced by India is peculiar as even a highly educated person cannot get a job in our society. There are higher numbers of graduates in India and educational institutions keep on producing thousands and thousands of graduates each year. These are taught the education which enables them to work only at the desk. But such jobs are limited and so a large part of them are left unemployed increasing the severity of the problem.

 Unemployment in India is also because students who pass out of the colleges want only white collar jobs. They are not interested in self-employment. Modern technology is also one of the reasons for increasing unemployment. A work which was done by four persons was now being done by machines which leave the four persons unemployed.  Inflation, recession, demand for highly skilled labor etc are also causes for unemployment in India.

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Unemployment in India is affecting the Indian society severely. Unemployment among youth can lead to emotional and mental stress. A person who cannot get a job in spite of his qualifications may get moralized and indulge in bad habits like drugs or alcohol. He may develop hatred towards the society and sometimes this may lead to suicides also. This also effects the economic growth of the country.

Unemployment in India needs to be checked immediately. First thing is to stop the rapid growth of population. The family planning program of the government should be made more popular in rural areas. Education system of India also needs to be improved. Job oriented education should be imparted to the students. Vocational and technical training should be given to the students. Cottage and small industries should be developed. Banks should give loans to eligible candidates to set up cottage and small industries.

Joint family system followed in India was helpful in reducing the effects of unemployment as some family members in the family are employed can support the others or they can be employed in family business. Unemployment in India is hindering the economic, political and social advancement of the country. India needs rapid industrialization and faster economic growth for generating more job opportunities. There is a need of focusing on developing the vocational skills and self employment skills in the students. The education system must be thus changed. Government should try to support industries that are financially struggling so that they can provide jobs for some youth.

Government of India has introduced Rural employment Guarantee programs to provide minimum days of employment to rural people. This will greatly help for reducing unemployment in India. Remedies for reducing unemployment should give more importance to creating opportunities. Care should be taken to reduce seasonal unemployment. Agriculture labor keep unemployed for some period in a year and efforts should be made to provide additional employment to the agriculture labor.

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Government of India has taken many measures to reduce the severity of unemployment in India. It has taken up many special programs to generate job opportunities. Rural works program, Integrated Dry Land Agricultural Development, Rural Employment Program, Rural Landless employment Guarantee Program, Skill Development etc are few of the major programs taken up by the government as measure to reduce problem of unemployment in India.

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