Uninor Dynamic Pricing … 5 to 60 percent discounts on call rates | How Uninor Dynamic pricing Works?

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Uninor Dynamic Pricing … 5 to 60 percent discounts on call rates | How Uninor Dynamic pricing Works?

Uninor has created a new trend in mobile telecom field.  For the first time in the country, it has introduced ‘dynamic pricing’. Call charges will be according to the place of calling and the time of calling. This will be applicable for local calls only. According to this plan, named as ‘24×7 badalta discount plan’ customers can get discounts ranging from 5 to 60 percent. Rs. 0.50 is charged per call of one minute and customers can get 60% discounts in this plan by paying subscription amount of Rs. 48 that is valid for 90 days. This plan is being introduced in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the first stage. In the later stages, this plan will be extended to the other five circles of company’s operation. With the maximum discount availed, customers can call at Rs. 0.20 per minute. At least 5% discount is given on every call. There will be changing discount percentage every hour at a particular place. If the cell information option is turned on in the mobile phone, the present status of discount percentage at that particular place will be displayed. Customers can get messages regarding the updated discount percentages of that place.

How Dynamic pricing Works?

There will be an ‘Intelligent real time system’ at every tower that monitor traffic trend. This system analyses the call traffic and sets the discount rate for every hour. Customers can get a chance to make the calls at a discount rate and the company is also benefited in using the network efficiently. It is possible to lower the traffic in the peak time of 6 pm to 8 pm and to divert them to another place. Services quality will be increased. In the case of turning the call from one tower to another, the discount rate of the first tower will be applicable. Twenty operators of different countries including South Africa are implementing this DP plan. This plan is introduced after three months of analysis. Presently the network efficiency is 10 to 20 percent and in future it is possible to manage more traffic even with limited number of towers, with this plan. There are 4.6 lakh customers subscribed to Uninor mobile services in Andhra Pradesh.

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