Upcoming Aeronautical Engineering branch …. Admission, Skills required, Job opportunities and Salary

October 30th, 2010| Jobs.

Upcoming Aeronautical Engineering branch …. Admission, Skills required, Job opportunities and Salary

Aeronautical Engineering is a special branch.  It has two departments Air craft and Aerospace.  Aeronautical Engineers mainly work in the Designing, Manufacturing and Maintenance departments.  Multi disciplinary approach is necessary to be successful in this technology era.  It is important to have an understanding of computers, micro processors and mechanical systems along with the core branch.

Admissions: 1440 Aeronautical Engineering seats are available in Andhra Pradesh.  Eligibility is Intermediate.  Admissions depend on the rank secured in EAMCET.  According to the estimation of the previous EAMCET Counselling seats were obtained till 12,734 (OC Boys) ranks in Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dundigal.  Admissions were given in other prominent Engineering colleges up to 44,639 ranks.

Course: Aero planes, Helicopters, Missiles, Satellite Design, Manufacturing Technology and Mechanism are taught in engineering course.

Core Subjects: Mathematics, Fluids and Solids, Thermodynamics, Avionics, Aerodynamics control systems, Electronics are the core subjects.

Skills: Creativity, physical and mental stability, logical thinking and analyzing capacity are the most needed skills.

Job Opportunities:  Aeronautical Engineers has opportunities in Air Craft Designing, Manufacturing and Space equipments.  HAL, DRDO, Indian Space Research Organization. Armed forces, Government and private airlines and Helicopter operators like Pawanhans Helicopters Limited, National Aero space Laboratories, Airport Authority of India, Aeronautical Development Agency, Technical Consultants and DGCA are offering jobs to Aeronautical Engineers.

Salary: A Government Aircraft Manufacturing Assistant Engineer can get a salary of Rs20,000 – 30,000 per month.  In a private organization Rs.20,000 – 25,000 salaries per month can be drawn.

This course needs lot of intelligence, patience and creativity.  To have latest technical knowledge is necessary.  Retired persons can also work as advisors in Aircraft Manufacturing Departments.

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