Upcoming Bio Medical Engineering branch …. Admission, Skills required, Job profiles and Salary

November 2nd, 2010| Education.

Upcoming Bio Medical Engineering branch …. Admission, Skills required, Job profiles and Salary

Bio medical Engineering teaches not only Engineering Technology but also the human anatomy and medical operations also.  Indian health care field is developing and offering good opportunities.  Bio medical Engineering applies the engineering formulae and techniques to the medical department and solves the problems.

Admissions: Intermediate is the eligibility.  210 seats are available in Andhra Pradesh.  Admissions are through EAMCET. Previous year up to 9605 ranks got the sear5s in the Campus College (OU college of Engineering, OC, Boys).

Core Subjects: Genetics, Bio chemistry, Bio Process Engineering, Micro biology, Immunology, Virology, Chemical, action engineering and Protein Engineering are the core subjects.

Job Profiles:  Medical Engineering field is spreading to Bio instrumentation, Bio materials, Bio mechanics, Medical imaging, Genetic Engineering, Orthopedic surgery and Cellular and Tissue Engineering.

Skills: Bio medical Engineers should develop their skills in Engineering sciences, Biological sciences and Medical sciences.  Good diagnostic skills and analytical skills are necessary.  Patience and public relations are also important.

Salary: Indian health care industry is offering jobs from technician level to Managerial level.  The starting salary for a Bio Medical Engineer is Rs. 2,00,000 to 2,50,000 per month.  Salaries increase with the experience and skills.

Top Companies: Hindustan Lever Limited, Thapar group, Indo American Hybrid Seeds, Biocon India Limited, India Vaccine Corporation, Hindustan Antibiotics, NCL and Tata Engineering Research Institute are the top companies that provide job opportunities.

There is a bright future for Bio Medical Engineering in India.  The number of hospitals with latest equipments is increasing along with Medical Tourism.  The candidates of Bio Medical Engineering are sure to get opportunities in hospitals, laboratories and research and development centers.

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