Upcoming Environmental Engineering branches…. Admission, Skills required and Salary

November 3rd, 2010| Education.

Upcoming Environmental Engineering branches…. Admission, Skills required and Salary

Saving the environment from water, air and soil pollution and giving safe water and air is the primary responsibility of Environmental engineering.  Changing the waste materials like old electronic goods, poly bags, wafer packets, stickers and cello tapes in to resources and converting inorganic wastes into fuels like diesel through reverse engineering are some of the places where Environmental engineering helps.  The raw material used to manufacture the electronic devices is increasing.   There is an estimation that 300 gms of waste materials/person is accumulating in India.  Converting these waste materials into resources is the main concentration of Environmental Engineering.

Admissions : Admissions are through EAMCET in Andhra Pradesh. According to the previous counseling, candidates who got ranks below 2223 got seats in Civil Environmental Engineering at AU College of Engineering. The candidates who study bachelors degree in Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Microbiology, Bio technology can go for Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering.

Skills: Should be ready to work in slums.  Interest and awareness in environment protection is important.   Skills in collecting resources and designing new methods are also necessary.

Core Subjects:  The candidates can study subjects like water and air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, public health along with Environmental Engineering subjects.  Many Universities are offering Civil Engineering or Chemical Engineering program along with Environmental Engineering.  Environment Civil Engineers research in hydrology, water resource management, bio remediation and water treatment plant designs.  Environment chemical engineers study environmental chemistry, advanced air and water treatment technologies.

Job Description: These engineers work in process like converting engineering wastes in to resources.  They have to design technical devices that are needed for that procedure.

Pay Scale: An environmental engineer can get an initial salary of Rs.12,000 to 15,000.  Salaries get increased with the skills, abilities and the company.

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