Uses with special India Rupee symbol | Symbol will not be present on the currency

July 16th, 2010| In India.

Rupee Symbol

Indian Parliamentary Cabinet has approved new symbol that stands for Indian currency. Tamil Nadu native student who is studying PhD in Bombay IIT has designed this symbol. This symbol depicts the Indian culture and gives special identity and character to Indian currency. It also denotes the hugeness of Indian economy. Though it is not going to be printed on currency and coins, it will be useful to denote Indian currency in electronic and print media worldwide after adding it to ‘Unicode Standard’. It may take nearly two years for this symbol to get popularized. It may take 6 months time to make it come into force national wide and the same would be 18 to 24 months world wide. State governments are also going to participate actively in popularizing this rupee symbol. Steps are being taken to add it to computer keyboards and software. Indian government has conducted contest for the selection of rupee symbol. More than 3,000 entries have approached and the jury under the leadership of Reserve Bank Deputy Governor has short listed 5 among them, to send them to the cabinet for further filtration. Indian Finance department has announced Rs. 2.5 lakhs for Uday Kumar for designing this symbol.

Uses with special India Rupee symbol

  • Because of special symbol, Indian rupee is going to have brand image and gets international fame.
  • Trading can be done fast and easily as like in dollar, euro, yen and pound, in future.
  • With international popularity, there are chances for getting more investments to be invested in India.

Symbol will not be present on the currency

Presently dollar, euro and yen have special symbol but they are not printed on the currency. Value of the currency is written only in letters on the currency notes. Only the symbol of pound sterling is being printed on the currency notes. Government has announced that the new symbol will not be printed on currency notes and coins and the existing way of printing letters will be continued.

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