Who were Vakataka kings and when did they rule? | The reason for the division of the Vakataka empire

October 27th, 2010| In India.

Who were Vakataka kings and when did they rule? | The reason for the division of the Vakataka empire

Vakataka kings

After the downfall of the Satavahana dynasty, the rule of the Vakataka kings had started at the 3rd century A.D. Their rule existed until the 5th century and the Vakatakas had ruled the empire with freedom as the Satavahanas had left the region. Their empire was extended in the Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Malwa regions. The main person in the family was Pravarasena and according to the evidences in the history, we should consider him as the person who established this dynasty. He had extended the kingdom and he fought with the naga family members. He had extended the empire up to Bay of Bengal in the east, up to Andhra Pradesh in the south, up to Arabian Sea in the west and he also extended the empire towards north. He was awarded as the samrat and in order to rule the empire, he had made his four sons as the representatives for four different parts.

This decision was made for the empire to be run properly at that time but later on this decision led to the division of the empire into four parts. After that his sons had declared themselves as the kings of the four parts. Two of the four kingdoms were fallen down and other two had been able to establish strong empire. His son Rudrasena had made a city as capital near the Nagpur region and another son Sarvasena had made the empire near Maharashtra and ran the empire. The Ajanta caves were established during the Vakataka kings rule and according to the information in the 16th cave; there was strong armed forces for the dynasty. Sarvasena was fond of literature and he used to write stories. His son vindhyasena was the next powerful king and there are many kings who got the honor of ‘Dharma maharaj’ in their family.

After him, Pravarasena-II, Devasena and Harisena ruled the empire. In spite of many problems, the Vakataka kings rule was ended after losing the war which took place in Vardha.

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