Varieties of dosas and their preparation | Ingredients required for making varieties of dosas

August 21st, 2010| In India.

Varieties of dosas and their preparation | Ingredients required for making varieties of dosas


One of a school in Tirupati had made dosas in different combinations like jackfruit dosa, horse gram dosa, coconut dosa and jaggery dosa.  Let us learn some of the varieties.

Coconut Dosa


Ingredients: Rice – 1 cup, Fresh coconut – 1 cup, salt to taste and oil.

How to make: Soak the rice in water for 8 hours.  Grind the rice along with fresh coconut.  Make dosas with that batter.  These are sweet in taste like the aapam made by Malayalis.

Dry Fruit Dosa

Ingredients:  Grated dry coconut – ½ cup, poppy seeds – 3 tea spoons, Cashew – ¼cup, kishmish – 25 no.s, powdered sugar – 3 table spoons, almonds – 5, pista – 8 and cardamom powder – 2 tea spoons.

How to prepare: Mix all the ingredients.  Make a dosa with the common dosa batter.  Place enough quantity of dry fruit mix on the dosa and roast with oil.  Fold carefully and take it in to a plate.  Dry fruits give additional nutrients.

Jaggery Dosa

Ingredients:  Wheat flour – 1 cup,  rice flour – ¼ cup,  Maida – ¼ cup, Soozi – 3 spoons, fresh coconut grated – ¼ cup, jaggery – 1 cup, cardamom powder – 1 tea spoon and oil.

Preparation Method: Dissolve jaggery in 2 cups of water.  Mix wheat flour, rice flour, soozi, Maida, cardamom powder and grated coconut in jaggery water to make a batter.  Roast the dosa on a non stick pan.  Curry is not necessary for this dosa.

Jackfruit dosa

Ingredients:  Jackfruit piece – 5, rice – 1 cup, grated fresh coconut – ¼ cup, salt, green chilies – 4 and coriander – one bundle.

How to make: Soak rice in water for 4 hours.  Grind the rice along with grated coconut, salt and green chillies. Spread the batter on the pan with uniform thickness.  Use ghee instead of oil for added taste.

Ridge cucumber (Beera kaaya) dosa

Ingredients: Ridge cucumber – ½ kg,  green chillies, moong dal – 1 cup,  rice – 4 table spoons, salt, onions -2 and oil as per requirement.

Preparation: Soak rice and moong dal for 1 hour.  Clean and peel the ridge cucumber. Grind the ridge cucumber peels, rice and moong dal with out water.  Add salt.  Spread the batter thickly on a pan.  Add onion pieces.  Roast the dosa with a little oil on a slow flame.  Ginger pickle is a good combination to this dosa.  The fiber in the ridge cucumber is very beneficial for our body.

Bottle gourd dosa

Ingredients: Rice – 1 cup,  Bengal gram -1 cup, green gram – 1 cup, bottle gourd – ¼ kg, green chillies – 6, ginger – small piece,  jeera – ½ tea spoon. Coriander – 1 bundle, grated carrot– 2 table spoons, salt and oil as per requirement.

Making process: Soak rice, Bengal ram, green gram for 1 hour.  Peel bottle gourd and put the bottle gourd pieces in a mixer.  Add rice, Bengal gram, green gram, green chillies, ginger, salt and jeera.  Grind to a paste.  Spread the batter on a pan thickly and roast on both sides adding oil.  Garnish it with grated coconut and coriander.

Horse gram (Ulawalu) dosa

Ingredients:  Horse gram – 2 cups, rice flour – 1 cup,  salt, green chillies – 2, curry leafs  1 bunch,  coriander – 1 table spoon, jeera – 2 tea spoons and oil.

Preparation : Soak horse gram dal over night and pressure cook them.  Grind them along with green chillies, salt and jeera.  Add rice flour and coriander.   Prepare the batter with thick consistency.  Apply oil to a polythene cover.  Put the batter on the cover and press it like a poori with hand.  Roast this on a pan on both sides putting oil.  This Dosa decreases the oil level in water.

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