Vehicle registration in Chandigarh-Procedure to register vehicle in Chandigarh

June 12th, 2012| Chandigarh, How To, In India, Vehicle Registration.

Registration of vehicles in Chandigarh


Transport Department Registration and Licensing Authority is the authority for registering vehicles in Chandigarh. The services offered are registration of new vehicles, renewal of registration certificate, issuance of duplicate certificate, registration of other state vehicles, ownership transfer, No Objection Certificate etc.

For registering new vehicles in Chandigarh the application forms required are the Form no. 20, 21, 22, 34 and 60.  Attested copy of insurance, residence proof, date of birth proof, attested photograph are to be submitted. New registration certificate will be issued on the same day the application is submitted.

Renewal of registration certificate in Chandigarh requires application forms to be made in Form no. 20 and Form no. 25.  Certificate of fitness, insurance, original registration certificate, engine chasis pencil print, attested photograph are the required documents and papers to be submitted along with the application.  The certificate will be issued on the same day.

Two copies of Form 26 have to be submitted for obtaining duplicate RC in Chandigarh.  Attested photograph, two copies of attested address proof, valid insurance etc are the documents required.  Registration of other state vehicles in Chandigarh can be done by making the application in Form 20, 27, 28, 29 and 60.  After receiving the application with all the necessary documents a notice period of 45 days will be announced in which any objections can be reported.  After the completion of the notice period, the registration certificate for other state vehicles is issued.

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