VRO VRA written exam question paper will have 3 sections-VRO VRA exam pattern

December 12th, 2011| Education, Jobs.

VRO VRA written exam preparation

 VRO posts belong to district level. Therefore candidates of that particular village should apply for the posts in their village. Non-local reservations are not applicable. For VRA posts, candidates of that village only should send their application. For both VRO, VRA posts, candidates are selected based on a written exam. Written exam will be for hundred marks. There will be total hundred questions. The question paper will consist of three sections.

  • General studies for 60 marks
  • Arithmetic Skills for 30 marks
  • Logical skills for 10 marks
  • General studies: In the General studies section there will be 60 marks and 30 of them will be asked on the topics related to villages. Questions will be asked from common subjects like History, Geography, Economics, Indian Polity and general science.
  • History: Ancient, medieval and modern Indian history should be studied. Ancient Indian dynasties, battles, famous books etc are there in the history syllabus. Famous incidents in Indian freedom fight, popular battle etc topics are also important. Candidates who applied for VRO, VRA written tests should read the intermediate books related to history. Schools books are also can be studied. If there is no time for preparing notes, important points should be underlines while reading. Revision will become easy with this.
  • Geography: Geography should be studied from the primary school level books. World geography from sixth and seventh lessons should be studied. Physical geography in ninth class, oceanography, Andhra Pradesh geography in small classes and Indian geography in tenth class are important and important points should be noted down and practiced with the help of maps.
  • General Science: General science is an important part in the VRO, VRA written test. General science topics in the school level should be studied. Read the topics of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science and Technology. Latest developments in Science and Technology should be followed to answer the questions correctly.
  • Rural living conditions: More than fifty percent questions in General studies section come from rural living conditions topic. Polity, economy, Andhra Pradesh geography topics related to rural living should be studied well. Village, panchayat, municipality, zilla parishad buildings, basic amenities in rural areas, roads, libraries, education in villages, forests, people’s requirements in rural and agency areas are the topics from which questions can be expected in VRO, VRA written exam.
  • Arithmetic skills: The questions in Arithmetic skills section in VRO, VRA written exam will test the basic arithmetic skills of the candidate. Questions will be asked from numbers, averages, time-distance, time-work, geometry etc. Candidates should prepare for these questions from 5th to 10th class books. More problems should be practiced to have grip over the basics of mathematics.

Logical skills: In the logical skills section, questions will be asked from blood relations, puzzle test, logical Venn diagram, series etc. Previous question papers should be practiced to develop logical skills.

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