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December 14th, 2011| News.

Water pollution in India

 Water pollution in India

Water pollution in India has become one of the greatest problems. Sewage and industrial waster etc are being directed into the rivers. Water pollution is contamination of water bodies like lakes, rivers and oceans. The harmful substances in water can cause damage to both human and animals.  When harmful substances enter water bodies, they may dissolve, lie suspends of get deposited under the water body bed. Any one of these can deteriorate the water quality. Water pollutants can also seep into the soil and affect groundwater deposit.

Water pollution in India has many causes. Most important being the domestic sewage being discharged in to the water bodies. There are no enough facilities to treat drainage water in any of the cities of India. Only a ten percent of the sewage is treated. Thus the water that is supplied to the household contains pollutants and disease causing germs. The disposable of domestic sewage has become a significant problem in India. Sewage generated in cities has increased in the last few years. Various substances used in households contain harmful chemicals. Synthetic detergents and washing powders contain phosphate. All these add to water pollution in India.

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Water pollution in India has another cause and that is agriculture. The usage of chemicals fertilizers and pesticides is damaging the groundwater quality. Another source of water pollution in India is the waste water from industries. This contains chemical compounds and is being discharged into the water bodies causing water pollution. Most big industries have waste water treatment plants but this is not the case with small industries.

There are many effects of water pollution in India. Water pollution spreads diseases. Drinking contaminated water may cause diseases like Cholera, typhoid and diarrhea. Consumption of water that contains chemical may damage the heart and kidneys. Pollutants in water may be harmful to the aquatic life and this can break the food chain link. Algae that grow in polluted water, feeds on the urea, animal manure and vegetable peelings that get mixed in the water bodies. Algae cause reduction of Oxygen level in water. The more the water is polluted, the more algae grow in water. Decrease in amount of oxygen in water harms the living organisms in water. If any animal eats the dead fish from the contaminated water, it may die. Oil contaminated water is dangerous for birds if they get into the water their feathers get damaged leading to death. Effects of water pollution in India are not seen at the site of contamination. The persons polluting the water may not feel the effect. But the pollution affects the human life severely.

Water pollution in India is increasing rapidly and the experts are able find solutions to water problem as rapidly. What one can do to reduce water pollution is to prevent it. Soil erosion should be prevented to control water pollution. Taking steps to conserve soil will give good results. Toxic chemicals pollute the water and usage of these should be minimized at home. Paints, stains cleaning products etc contain toxic chemicals and these cannot be avoided one should try to dispose them properly. There is a chance to recycle the paints and oils. Oil is one the great source for water pollution. Transportation of oil itself is causing good percentage of pollution. Water pollution in India can be controlled if leaks in cars and machinery are taken care immediately. The residue of the clean up used oils should be disposed properly.

Water pollution in India is also caused by tourists visiting beaches and rivers. They throw all types of garbage like plastic water bottles, cool drink cans, plastic covers, eatables etc in to water bodies. Every person should feel the responsibility of avoiding throwing litter into water bodies. Awareness among people should be increased about the effects of water pollution in India. Picking up waste and litter in the beaches and waterways will help to keep debris and pollutants out of water.

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Usage of plastics increased in India and this is also one of the main reasons for water pollutions. Usage of reusable bags should be encouraged to avoid environment harm with plastics. People who find that some industries are disposing untreated waste water into water bodies should bring that matter to the notice of the authorities. These small measures can avoid getting the water pollution problem worse and scientists will get time to find out ways to deal with the already existing water pollution in India.

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