What are dual degree courses? | How are the dual degree courses helpful in job facility?

September 10th, 2010| Education.

What are dual degree courses? | How are the dual degree courses helpful in job facility?

The universities are providing dual degree for the students. The JNTU in Hyderabad had started this before three years in Andhra Pradesh and other universities are following this policy. The changes in the education in foreign countries are effecting the education in India. The students are getting attracted towards education in the foreign countries and the income there. So the universities are searching for better options to make the students study in this country and the dual degree program is a part of this search. This dual degree program is there in America from so many years. The education experts are telling that the dual degree programs are good in the globalization context. The JNTU Hyderabad had started this program before three years and this is the dual degree master program (DDP). It had given the notification for the fourth batch. The Blekinge institute technology had joined with JNTU to give MOU. Those who join in this two year course will get the M.Tech degree from JNTU and M.Sc degree from Blekinge University. The course is offered in signal engineering, communication systems and software engineering. There are five year integrated PG courses also. They should study three and half years and one & half year in Sweden. The inter students can get the M.Tech degree after five years. The JNTU–H, Andhra University and JNTU – K are providing this courses.

Two uses:

The students in India are attracted to study abroad and they have a great confusion in selecting the country and college. This dual degree program helps the students to study abroad and get two degrees at a time. There is no extra tuition fee for the students to study in Sweden. They can get the Indian food and it may cost up to 3 lakhs for the accommodation and food in Sweden.

Job facility:

They can get the job in Sweden with the degree from Sweden University or get the job in India with the M.Tech degree. There will be an entrance exam for the dual degree course and they should complete one semester after joining. The DDP courses are getting more response and there are 100 applications for this course. There are 18 seats in each course and the applications can be sent up to 27th July for the signal processing course.

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