What are opportunities for the thermo forming industry | What is the budget estimation cost and capacity?

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What are opportunities for the thermo forming industry | What is the budget estimation cost and capacity?

Thermo forming the process in which the thermo granules are heated to a temperature and then forming any shape things with the help of moulds. There is more demand for these in the industrial field. The ice cream cups, tea cups, glasses, bowls, sweet boxes, jam and jelly cups are the products of the thermo forming only. We can pack the materials and transport them at low costs.

Thermo forming industry Uses:

  • Stability
  • Easy to prepare
  • Investment is less
  • More number of designs
  • More productivity in less time

Thermo forming industry Usage areas:

  • In the packing of the fresh materials from bakeries and confectionery
  • In the seeds, nursery plants, trays and watering tanks in the horticulture package.
  • Packing of toilets and cosmetics
  • Gift packs, make up, hair products packing, and remover packing.
  • cosmetic boxes, candles, air fresheners packing
  • Electronic components, automobile instruments, transport trays.

Thermo forming industry Opportunities in the market:

The market share in the food and drinks disposal containers is 45 thousand crores. The share of the thermo forming disposals is 25% and there is an increase in the demand in India every year by 15%. As the demand for the packing is increasing in various fields, the thermo forming is having good opportunities.

Thermo forming industry budget:

  1. Polypropylene water glasses manufacturing industry capacity: 3.89 lakhs of glasses in one shift in one day.

Estimated cost of the project: Rs.75 lakhs

  1. ice cream cups, curd glasses manufacturing and printing industry:

Capacity: 12 crores per year

Estimated cost: Rs.1.40 crores

  1. total thermo forming packing industry:

Capacity: two tones per day

Estimated cost: Rs.5 crores

  1. poly propylene coffee and tea cups industry:

Capacity: 875 kilos per day

Estimated cost: Rs.80 lakhs

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