What are the facilities of having 3G services? | Why are the people not willing to use the 3G services?

August 12th, 2010| Prices.

What are the facilities of having 3G services? | Why are the people not willing to use the 3G services?


The authorities first thought of providing one lakh connections but until now there are only 40 thousand connections. The number of people using 3G services won’t cross 62 thousand across Andhra Pradesh. Even though there are more number of users in Hyderabad when compared to other districts, there was no expected response from the people. The authorities are trying hard to increase this number.

3G facilities:

There are many facilities with 3rd generation services like video call, broadband facility, mobile TV, fast video, music downloading, video conference, online gaming etc. To use these services, it is compulsory to have a 3rd generation mobile which is available from five thousand onwards in the market. The 3G SIM cards are given for Rs.59 only and the validity increases to 180 days with a recharge of Rs.120. There are few free video calls and after that they are charging, 30p per minute on voice call and video call. The charges for the STD calls are 50p per minute and the user need to pay 1p per every 10KB memory. There is no expected response from the people even though there are many facilities.


  • There should UMTS antennas in every area to get the signals clearly and there are only 567 of them. The authorities are trying to increase the number of antennas by 220 to give the better signal.
  • Most of the users are not willing to change their mobile and SIM cards to use the 3G services as it is extra expense and they are postponing it.
  • The 3G mobile is not sufficient for a single person and the other person also should have it. This is also one of the reasons.
  • There are more towers required to increase the signal clarity and the people are not coming forward to donate the lands as there are radiation hazards. There are many cases in the court.

By next year:

The authorities are trying to provide a complete 3G services by the next year. They should cover 40% of the area in Hyderabad and they are trying to bring these services through railway lines and national highways. They have recognized the areas to establish the towers.

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