What are the papers in the group 4 exam? | What is the syllabus of the group 4 exam?

September 12th, 2010| Education.

What are the papers in the group 4 exam? | What is the syllabus of the group 4 exam?

There are two papers in the junior assistant exam conducted by the APPSC. They are general studies and secretarial ability. There will be only general studies for the post of supervisor and matron. The syllabus will be of the tenth standard and intermediate only. The preparation should be concentrated on the tenth topics as the books are printed again.

  • They should prepare the old question papers and the syllabus in the past and now are different. We should be worried by seeing the old question papers.
  • We should not only confine to the tenth syllabus but we should also see the effect the issues in the present world.
  • There is no need to study the English language in the tenth syllabus but they should study the main articles and authors for the name sake only.
  • The world history and the geography are not as important as the previous papers are considered and only little preparation is important for them.
  • There won’t be any questions from the depth of the subject but there may be many questions based on the present situation.
  • The current affairs of Andhra Pradesh are given less importance in the group exams but there may be importance for the Andhra Pradesh current affairs in the group-4.
  • There may be more questions on the Andhra Pradesh geography and history and so a part of the preparation should be done in this topic.

Secretarial ability:

  • The sentence construction and comprehension are the easy parts in the secretarial ability. The preparation for the construction of the sentences when jumbled words are given can be done namesake only.
  • Mental ability/ numerical/arithmetical calculations / logical reasoning will be scoring and so we should prepare well in this field.
  • The shortcut methods should be given importance as they save the time.
  • We should take the formulae and shortcuts from the bank exam papers and prepare them.
  • There will be problems on time- distance, time- work, simple interest and so we should learn the shortcut formulae than the traditional methods.
  • There will be questions on blood groups, directions, clock, calendar etc in the mental ability section.

It is very important to prepare the previous groups question papers to score good marks in the secretarial ability.

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