What are the tips to excel in the interview? |How to prepare and attend an interview?

October 22nd, 2010| Jobs.

What are the tips to excel in the interview? |How to prepare and attend an interview?

Interview plays an important role in getting a job. Even though many people have high degrees they won’t get a job. The reason for this is they do not perform their interview well. They will get stress whether they could express their views or not. They should not be over confident that they are having more degrees and others won’t get the job. They should use their skills in the required areas and there are some tips given by the experts.

Self confidence:

They should not enter the hall with the tension what would happen inside the interview room and they should prepare for the interview with the self confidence that they would get a job. There will be inconvenience if we are tensed and the recruiters can know that. We should remember that we lost the job by answering the questions with fear.


They should answer the questions clearly and with clarity. They should answer the question to the point and they should not waste the time by explaining the unnecessary things as they have the knowledge. Their answers should be constructive and this helps to create a belief on the people.


It is very important to understand the question of the interviewer. They can’t answer the question correctly and their answer won’t be related to the question when they don’t understand the question. They will ask the questions like what will they do when they get a lottery or what will they do to increase the company shares in two months and they should answer the questions without laughing or hesitating. They will consider the response from the candidate’s side even though they won’t answer the questions.

Hesitation should not be there:

Sometimes the interview leads to group discussions and they should not hesitate to express their views. The recruiters think that they are lying and they don’t recruit them. They can know about new things and the recruiters can know about their performance.

  • They should dress properly.
  • They should practice the interview in front of the friends.
  • They should answer the questions by seeing the surroundings.
  • They should not speak in negative sense about others.
  • They should remember that there won’t be jobs for the answers like yes or no.
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