What are the traditional symbols and what is their importance? | What are the various religious symbols?

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What are the traditional Symbols and what is their importance? | What are the various religious symbols?

Every country is recognized or famous for their constructions or buildings. India is famous for its religious beliefs and they are attracting many people as they are healthy and good.



This is Hindu religion symbol and it represents the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. It is also the meditation symbol. It will increase the breathing capacity and clean the respiratory system. If it is chanted in a particular manner, it will increase the concentration and leads to good health.



The Meditation plays an important role in the Hindu culture and it is practiced from Vedic period in India. And now it had become a part of every religion and it gives good results.



They will compulsorily set up a homagundam while performing a yagam or yagnams. The air released from the homam will increase health and wealth. There will be good atmosphere created when the harmful substances in the air die due to this air released from the homam. At the time of the marriage, the bride and bridegroom become one as the fire god as witness and they start to travel together. This is an important part in the marriage.



This is the symbol of light in life. They used to light the lamp in temple for the security of village and they will light the lamp in house for the wealth and health. It is very good to light the lamp with cow ghee. By doing this, the atmosphere in the house becomes good.



It is very good to grow this plant in every house. They treat this tree as a sacred one and they are very useful in the aurveda. By doing rotations around this plant in the early morning, it will provide good health as we breathe the air released from it. The tulasi juice will improve the voice and gives good thoughts to the mind.

Betel leaves:


The betel leaves are used in every function and they are the leaves which are fresh for many days even after plucking them from the tree. These leaves are having importance in the Jain and Buddhists also along with the importance in Ramayana and Mahabharata.



The coconut is the symbol for health, wealth and prosperity. We break the coconut to sacrifice the inferiority complex to lord Shiva. The coconut water is considered as sacred water as no one can prepare them. They break the coconut before starting any functions and they keep the sacred thread on the coconut during the marriage. In the olden days, the doctors used to use the powder of coconut shell in the tooth powder and in the treatment of the wounds.



This is the seat for the Brahma, Sarawathi, lakshmi and Buddha. All the Vedas will praise the lotus and they have created six asanas in yoga based on lotus flower. The lotus flower blossoms only when there is sunlight. So they use lotus plant to measure the humanity, creativity and character in a person.



The complete bindi on the forehead is a symbol of stability. All the strengths of a person will be at the center of the two eye brows and they keep the bindi at this place as it is sacred. Anyone will keep the bindi at this without the difference between male and female. This place is the sensible place in the human body.



The swastika means good and this is one of the symbols which only Indians know. They generally write this symbol before starting the business and this culture is more in the North India even it prevails in whole India. They will treat this symbol as lord ganesha and they will keep this symbol on the forehead of bride and bridegroom in north India. This represents the good and unique married life.



This is the weapon for the sadhus and rishis. This is not the artificial thing which can be prepared. The rudrakshas are different from each other based on the holes on them. There will be 1 to 21 holes on these and they consider these holes as faces. We can find the five faces and one face rudrakshas more and the immunity power increases when we wear them on our body. This is even strengthened by aurvedam.



This is the symbol for all gods and the upper portion is considered as lord Vishnu. The neck portion is considered as lord shiva and the bottom part as Lord Brahma. The stomach part is considered as all goddesses. They consider this kalasam as good symbol and they place a coconut on the mango leaves or betel leaves on the top of kalasam. They prepare this kalasam for main functions and marriages. The symbol of Andhra Pradesh is also kalasam.



The bell is seen in every temple and it is formed with 8 metals. Now they are preparing with only one metal. They make huge sound when moved and they believe that this sound will cure few diseases.

We should never think that the traditions from the olden days are of no use and we should not neglect them.

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