What is Best Flooring for houses or Offices? | Flooring Ideas, Budgets and Estimations

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What is Best Flooring for houses or Offices? | Flooring Ideas, Budgets and Estimations

The people who start the construction in summer and when rainy season comes, they want to complete the flooring and interior works. Most of the people don’t know the cost of the tiles and the tiles to be used. Here is a table for those people about the varieties and costs.

Type Color Size Where to use Cost Tips to remember
Cement flooring Gray 36/36. they should place in the site and upper layer should be rough EWS, LIG construction, government sites & villages 15-25 Maintenance is more and more workers are required.
Shabad, kadapa tandur Polished one will be in yellow, tandur in blue and kadapa in black 10/10, 12/12, 12/24 any size is available and upper layer is smooth Personal houses, group houses, less cost plots, landscaping and foot path. 10-50 They should be cleaned everyday, more workers are required, shabad slabs are weak, and there will be more layers.
Mosaic Gray, white and marble chips are in colors. 10/10, 12/12 Personal houses, apartments and walking area. 10-25 They should clean everyday and more workers are required.
Quota stone Green 12/24, 24/24 and they will be in the form of tiles. Houses, advertisements and government buildings 32-35 Maintenance should be done carefully.
Ceramic In all colors and polish is done 12/12,16/16,20/20, 24/24 House, advertisements designs and specifications. 22-70 These are designer tiles and bring new look to house. They are in many colors.
Marble In different design in white color. Any type is available in the form of tile and slab Houses, temples and can be cut easily and when polished they shine. 25-2000 They should be cleaned everyday.
Granite In natural colors and it is strong. Based on the customer taste, it is available in any design. Costly houses, advertisements, hotels, companies 120-800 They will be soft and should be cleaned everyday.
Vitrified Upper layer is soft and looks like modern one. 24/24, 36/36, 24/48, 36/72 sizes are there. They are used every where and in all areas 46-625 There are many colors and designs.

We should think and select the flooring type whatever it may be. The decision should be taken carefully after doing a research on the flooring. It is better to visit few houses and observe before taking the decision. We should discuss with the family members and we should know the time for it to complete.

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