What is Business Correspondent? | 2, 00,000 Business Correspondent vacancies (jobs) in banks

January 25th, 2010| Jobs.

2, 00,000 Business Correspondent vacancies in banks

Nearly 2, 00,000 of vacancies are been there in the next coming years. This is the program which is taken up by the Reserve Bank of India by targeting the Financial Inclusion. The people like retired persons, owners of the storage shops, telephone operators can come under this scheme. Only a few numbers of banks came to a statement that how many business correspondents are appointed. The SBI is planning to take around 40,000 for the next coming two to three years. In the same way PNB with 75,000, Union Bank with 50,000 correspondents are admitted into the banks. The canara and Andhra banks did not mention this idea till now as these banks are busy in getting permission from their respective boards. Bank is planning to start around 15,000 kiosks in the next 4 years under the Namaskar scheme. In this scheme there is one business correspondent and 4 executives for each unit said by the Punjab National Bank and based on this statement nearly 75,000 are employed by the bans. SBI is planning to start 12,000 outlets with the help of 15,000 branches with 10 state level business correspondents. All the banks says that If once the model is known it will be easy to start around 50,000 outlets in the country.

What is Business Correspondent?

Business Correspondents are those persons who assist the customers in collecting the deposits, money transactions and issuing the insurance policies. Among all these services the most important is these business correspondents acts major role in transferring the funds from Dharavi to Jharkhand in Mumbai. Banks are planning to take necessary measures to provide all the facilities to these correspondents in rendering their services. This program is been taken up by the Government and Reserve Bank of India.

Vacancies list:

Banks Vacancies
Punjab National Bank 75,000
State Bank 40,000 +
Corporation Bank 2000
Union Bank 50,000

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