What is DIS | How to send SMS to get information from DIS | How the DIS system works

April 29th, 2013| News.

What is DIS | How to send SMS to get information from DIS | How the DIS system works

There are some of the situations that took place in our life instantly and accidentally. No one can assess that which one is the first. Some of the situations like if we have gone for a tour and the main idea and task is completed and in the meanwhile the train that we are supposed to go to our hometown is late and we plan to go for a shopping in the mean time. However, we do not know the details of the shopping malls and centers.

Another situation is if suddenly any one fall sick, and there is no information to call for the doctor and to get the fist aid itself. There must be something, the other medium, or the source to pass on the information. The solution for these kinds of problem is coming soon. The Direct Info Systems DSI is planning to implement the SMS facility to pass on the information on the grounds of emergency. It is going to offer its services in the form of SMS regarding to the various sections like shopping malls, hospitals, doctors, pharmacy clinics and so on in the form of SMS ID.

How to send SMS to get information from DIS

For example we want to but a shirt in Tiruvanantapuram has to type Direct (space) tvm (space) YP (space) shirts and send it to 56070 in the form of an SMS. The details and the information are sent as a reply to the person immediately. In this way whatever the information may be known through a single SMS. In the same way, any information can be known through from any place or field through a single SMS to the number 56070.

How the DIS system works?

DIS pass on the information in such a way that it gives an SMS ID number to all the shops, companies and other commercial areas offices of the major cities. All these ID’s are been placed, recorded, and supervised under the supervision of the head. The information is sent to the person regarding the information that he needs through the database system through SMS. DIS collects Rs.500 from each company and dealer to avail this facility. And for this the DIS had got the patent rights.