What is Gentle Man�s Agreement?| What is mentioned inside the Gentle men�s agreement?

December 11th, 2012| News.

What is Gentle Man�s Agreement?| What is mentioned inside the Gentle men�s agreement?

The agreement which is made during 1956 regarding the issue of Telangana is called as the Gentle man�s Agreement. The great people and leaders who took part in this agreement are the Andhra Pradesh Prime Minister Bezawada Gopala Reddy, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, Alluri Satyanarayana Raju, Gouthu Lachanna, Hyderabad prime minister Burugula Rama Krishna Rao, K V Ranga Rao, Marri Chenna Reddy and J V Narsing Rao signed in this agreement. The issues that are covered under this agreement are as follows�

–There will be only one assembly for the Andhra Pradesh and it only prepares the acts.

–Telangana is considered as a separate area to look after the issues that are relating to the government.

–A special regional standing committee is been started where only the ministers and assembly members act as the members of that area and there is no place for the PM in this committee.

–This area committee has to send the acts of the important issues for the verification. The non finance burden issues and the acts related to the specific issues are done by the regional committee and can also issue the orders for those problems.

–The suggestions which are given by the regional committee are to be accepted by the government and assembly normally and if there are any differences among the members and the committees the issue is to be taken to the Governor for further judgment.

–Telangana is to be taken as a special unit in the admissions of the Subordinate services. The posts that are there in this category can be reserved under the Mulki rules.

–Distribution of expenditure between Telangana and Andhra Regions is to be shared equally and the balance amount is to be used for the development of the Telangana region and the government had to keep in view the conditions in the agreement while preparing the State budget.

–The total ratio of the Andhra and Telangana ministers must be 60:40 and one Muslim is to be taken from the Telangana. If one candidate is taken as the Prime Minister another one must be the Deputy C.M for another region.

–The regional committee looks after the development, financial budget and the powers which are given to the local bodies by the constitution of India are actually under the horizon of the assembly development budget act. Other issues which are verified by the regional associations are Public health, local hospitals, primary education, sanitation, and secondary education, restriction in the entry into the Telangana educational institutions, prohibition and sale of the agricultural lands. If the act is not amended in between then the agreement has to be reviewed after ten years.