What is group discussion? | Types of Group discussions

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What is group discussion? | Types of Group discussions

The main goal of the group discussion is to test the skills of the candidate in the areas like leadership qualities, communication skills, clarity and spontaneity. The group discussions scope had increased and they are not only having the importance in the management and engineering courses. They are given importance in the professional course, corporate jobs and many companies.

What is group discussion?

The group discussion is given importance in the interview of the job and they will divide the candidates and conduct the group discussion. They will elect the candidates in number of 8 to 12 members. The duration of the group discussion is from 15-20 minutes. There are three types of group discussions.

Regular structure GD:

This is easiest than all the GDs. They should talk on the particular topic for certain duration. The topic will be related to the general issues and there is no need of technical knowledge. There is no need of conclusion after the group discussion and there won’t be any leader to conclude the GD.

Unstructured GD:

They will select the leader in the GD and it is their responsibility to conduct the GD properly. They will conclude the group discussion and the group discussion specialty is to select the topic by them. The leader will play the role conducting the GD properly without disputes while selecting the topic.

Specialized GD:

This is very different from the other group discussions and there will be replay in this type. The candidate should act as HR or CEO on the topic given. They should otherwise play the role which is decided before only like doing the deals, playing the role of HR and CEO in the deals between two companies etc. They are testing the creative skills of the candidate in various areas and in various situations.


The group discussion is not the place where few are selected and other are eliminated. The popular business schools and companies are trying to identify the skills which they need in the candidate to work in their company. They are testing the areas like subject knowledge, problem solving capability, strength, weakness, self confidence, listening skills and other factors.

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