What is IPL? | Is IPL belongs to BCCI?

March 11th, 2013| Uncategorized.

What is IPL? | Is IPL belongs to BCCI?

Most of the people used to say that the originator of IPL is Lalit Modi. But it is good to say that Subash Chandra is the correct person to this IPL. The BCCI had started the IPL to get rid of the fear that is been created by the Subash. The foundation of this torney is made just as that of the Europeans Sacar league.

ICC recognition

The International Cricket Council had recognized this IPL. However, it is not international and is an Indian torney. However, the specialty of this is that all the international players are taking part in this torney. The main reason for this torney to become successful is the new method of IPL that is been introduced to this BCCI.

Is IPL belongs to BCCI?

IPL is the sister concern organization for BCCI. The chairperson and commissioner for this is Lalit Modi. There is even a residing committee for this IPL. The members of this committee are the important persons who are in the posts of the board. Even the famous players are given place in this board.