What is Optometry? | Optometry in India | Future for Optometry

March 30th, 2010| News, Tech Trends.

What is Optometry?
Optometry is one of the health care professions which is given as a treatment for the problems related to the eye sight and recognizing the problem. The Optimetrists gives some of the valuable suggestions to the people besides curing the problems of the eye vision. Though Optometric and Opthomology are related for the eye vision, there is a slight difference between them. Opthomologists treat the patients and as well as give the medicines after the surgery is over and make them to become normal from the problem of eye sight. But the duty of the Optometrists is to recognize the problems of the eye sight and giving the glasses. In case if they find any other problems related to the eye sight they refer to the Opthomologists, but they do not conduct surgeries.

Optometry in India
The Shankar Netralaya is the first in our country to start the Optometry school in Chennai. Its related society “Elite School of Optometry” is started in the year 1985. Later on many other societies had made it as a part in their curriculums. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences and LV Prasad Institute in Hyderabad, Batch and Lamb School, Elite School of Optometry in Chennai, College of Elide Health Sciences in Manipal, Lotus School of Optometry in Mumbai and Bharathi Medical College and so on such 35 to 40 colleges are offering the Optometry degree course which is called as the BSc Optometry. The numbers of seats for this course in these colleges are very limited. Usually only 30 students are joined in a class.

Future for Optometry
But the availability of such less number of seats is not at all satisfying the needs of the country. The surveys are saying that there is a necessity of around 5000 Optometrists in our country every year in the rural areas and cities. But only 1200 graduates are coming out every year with the degrees in Optometry. By this one can estimate the difference between the need and availability of the Optometrists. Besides this the Optometry industry is increasing 20% every year. That is why the specialists are saying that in the future there is a need and boom for the Optometry industry.