What is Sumoto?

January 27th, 2010| News.

What is Sumoto?
Sumotu is a Latin word where in the usage it became as Sumoto and the meaning of this word is “By his own”. For a police in order to book a case he must have the sufferer or the case file with him. In some of the situations if the police thinks that there is a danger for the peace and security in the country and also to be careful to avoid such disasters the sumoto is been taken from the witness and from the sufferer.

Even for this process not all the cases are recorded but only the cognizable cases are recorded from the future view and these cases are taken up by the code of criminal procedure under the section CRPC- 1973 under section 2H. Besides this section if the police did not get any case during the time of the cognizable offense the police had the right to book the case by themselves without waiting for the sufferer and the police acts as the complainer in this case.

The FIR is been taken under section 154(1) of CRPC and the complaint is not been taken up by the police who book the case but it is done by the other police on behalf of the complainer.

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