What is TATA Nano Second hand market price?

September 22nd, 2009| Prices.

TATA prestigious car is Nano. Few people got the allotment in the first 1,00,000 customers list. Many people who applied for NANO booking, and did not got the allotment are very unhappy in this regard. But there is a chance to buy the TATA Nano in second hand market, with extra rs.35,000. The market demands like that. The first NANO was delivered to Mr. Ashok Vichare, Mumbai on 17.07.09. Just after 2 months, one of the owner of TATA Nano has sold his NANO in secondhand market for Rs 35,000 extra than his selling price. So, there will be some people who buys the TATA Nano car, and sells it after few months, just for extra price amount. And the TATA car can also available if the allotment holders does not able to pay the balance amount to be paid, those cars also goes to the second hand market. It happens in India.


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