What is the alternative for professional courses | Courses in demand

July 16th, 2010| Jobs.

What is the alternative for professional courses | Courses in demand

What is the alternative for professional courses which have high range fees? There is an opinion that less numbers of opportunities are only got with the ‘general’ degrees like BA, B.Com and B. Sc. But it is possible to get better career by completing graduation through these degrees at lesser fees. Yearly, almost five lakhs students join degree courses. Let us know the importance and details of seats in these degree courses.

Andhra Pradesh state wide all the degree first year colleges are going to start from the first week of the July. This decision has been taken in the meeting conducted by the higher education committee by the vice chancellors. But then, the dead line for the admission will be extended for the month of august. This decision has been taken keeping in view of the students who attempted the advanced supplementary exams and wanted to get admission into B.A, B.Com or B.Sc. According to this decision taken, all the degree colleges affiliated with Osmania University has extended the deadline for the admission into their college for academic year 2010-11 to the month of august.

When compared to the situation of last decade, numbers of students joining traditional junior colleges are decreasing. Professional courses which give more number of job opportunities are responsible for this situation. Since there are more numbers of seats are available in engineering and pharmacy course, it is not a difficult task to get admission in these courses. This is influencing the thinking of middle and upper middle class parents. This is showing impact as the reduced interest of students and parents to have admission in traditional degree courses.

But, experts and counselors are advising that there is no need to study only engineering or medicine to get a bright career. They are saying not to consider science, arts/humanities and commerce courses at degree level as not worthy ones. Surveys are also proving the same. It is becoming a trend to look forward towards B. Sc only if seat is not got in medicine and if desired branch is not got in engineering. Also, B.A and B. Com are looked nowadays as the courses to be taken up by students of group other than MPC and BiPC.

Those who, are saying that science group courses provide high paid jobs are looking low at commerce and art groups. Because of researches in science and new opportunities in businesses there is increase in demand for both science groups and commerce groups respectively. Situation of arts groups is a bit backward when compared to the other courses.

There is much demand for B. Com and BA courses at Delhi University. There is an increase in numbers of applications for BA this year. Though it is not an uncommon thing at this famous university, it shows the importance of the course.

Experts are finding the need for changing the degree courses to meet the necessities and demands of market. For example, LS Raheja College of Arts and Commerce, Mumbai offers add on courses like language fluency, travel and tourism, mass communication, journalism, animation and graphics, retail management courses in addition to degree courses. This helps students to improve skills that are in relation with the market needs and there by increase the chances for more job opportunities. These kinds of changes and add-ons are to be introduced in Andhra Pradesh also.