What is the exam pattern for the SI post? | What are the details of the SI examination and subjects covered in it?

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What is the exam pattern for the SI post? | What are the details of the SI examination and subjects covered in it?

There will be four papers in the exam conducted for the SI appointment.

Paper 1:

The questions are asked based on the English language and they will ask for 100 marks.

Paper 2:

The questions will be based on the Telugu subject and the questions will be for 100 marks.

These two exams are for the qualifying basis only and they won’t consider these marks for the finals. The candidate should get the minimum qualifying marks. The qualifying marks for the SC, ST are 30 marks, BC is 35 and OC are 40 marks. The questions are asked on the same issues in the two papers.

  • Letter writing
  • Report writing
  • Paragraph writing
  • Essay writing
  • Comprehension
  • Précis writing
  • Translation

What is Important?

Letter writing:

Even though everyone knows the topic, the candidates generally make mistakes while keeping full stops, commas, capital letters, small letters and other topics. Most of the marks are allotted for this and the candidates make mistakes in placing them.

Report writing:

This is very important topic and the candidate should prepare the report on the basis of knowledge gained by the candidate from various sources. They should write the name of the reporter instead of the pronouns. They should write the report in the present tense and the topic of the report should be written in the first sentence only. The reader should know the topic while reading the first sentence only.

Paragraph writing:

Paragraph writing is the toughest topic to write and they give a quotation or topic and ask them to write the paragraph on it. They should write the paragraph on only one topic and they should not use the words which are not in use. They should write the paragraph on the single topic and they should use their own words.

Essay writing:

The essay writing is given for 20 marks and they should select one question from the three questions. So the candidates should practice few essays by writing them. They should practice the essays on the topics like environment protection, global warning, terrorist, national integration, women protection, unemployment and other topics. They should also practice the topics from the Telugu and English newspapers.


There will be few questions based on the paragraph given and the candidates should answer the questions based on the paragraph. The candidates should read the passage for two to three times and understand it. They should read the questions and answer them in their own words to score good marks. They should write in a brief way.

Precise writing:

The meaning of this writing is to write the given passage in a short way. They should write the important points from the paragraph and they should not write in the same manner. They should write in their own sentences. They should be able to keep the correct title for the passage.


The candidates should translate the passages given from English to Telugu and from Telugu to English. They can get the grip in this topic by reading and comparing the topics in the Telugu and English newspapers.

Physical fitness exam:

The five kilometer run had been completed and the candidates should attend the below exams.

  • 100 meters run: 15 seconds
  • 800 meters run: 170 seconds
  • Shortput (7.26 kilograms): 5.60 meters distance
  • High jump: 1.20 meters
  • Long jump: 3.80 meters

Most of the candidates should practice the 800 meters run as it is difficult and they should practice without the time sense. They should first practice on the 200 meters track and then 400 meters track. After that they should practice on the track with the time. They conduct the run on the 400 meters track generally and so the candidate should practice the run on the 200 meters track to overcome the breathing problems.

Tips to be taken care of while practicing:

  • They should practice the 100 and 800 meters run only in the mornings.
  • Long jump, high jump and shortput should be practiced in the evenings.
  • Supporters should be used compulsorily.
  • They should do the warm up exercises before and after the practice.
  • They should place the left leg in front and right leg at the back while throwing the shortput. They should not raise the hand totally up wards and they should breathe by placing the hand backward after rising up to half distance.
  • They should do the long jump by placing the stumps while running and then jump.
  • There are three types in the high jump and they are scissoring, belt rolling and straight jump. The belt rolling method is easy and they should practice by placing the stand at three feet distance and increasing the height.
  • The 100 meter run should be completed in 15 seconds and few seconds are wasted while starting the race and ending it. They should overcome this while practicing.

Written exam scheme:

Field Subject Marks Time
Paper 1 English (essay type) 100 3 hours
Paper 2 Telugu (essay type) 100 3 hours
Paper 3 Arithmetic, reasoning, mental ability (objective type) 100 3 hours
Paper 4 General studies (objective type) 100 3 hours
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