What is the mystery of the shadow in the Chaaya someswaralayam in Pangal? | Mystery revealed by Manohar

July 20th, 2010| In India.

What is the mystery of the shadow in the Chaaya someswaralayam in Pangal?   | Mystery revealed by Manohar

There is an ancient temple in pangal near to nalgonda on the banks of the river udaya. This is constructed in the cholas dynasty in 11th century. The name of this temple is chaaya someswaralayam. Generally we can see the shadow back of us when we stand in the early morning sunlight and in the afternoon, the shadow falls in front of us. The shadow which is on the Shiva lingam in this temple won’t change during the whole day. The shadow will be in the form of pillar and there are 8 pillars in this temple. The shadow will be the same always but no one can tell which pillars shadow is it. If we tell that the shadow is particular pillars, then when we place our hand on the pillar our shadow also should be seen. But our hand shadow won’t be seen. So a man named manohar from suryapet proved it.

Manohar is working in Sri Venkateswara PG College and is preparing for the civils. He used to sit in the temple alone and think of the mystery to reveal it. He had observed the construction and took the measurements. The main entrance will be in the south direction and there will be 3 small sanctums in the north, west and east directions. The shadow is falling on the Shiva lingam in the west side sanctum. There will be darkness in the remaining two sanctums and there will be four pillars. There are 8 pillars in the symmetric system between the main entrance and the sanctums. It looks same when we stand in the middle of the pillars and look at the sanctums. Manohar constructed the temple with thermocol sheets and used candles as pillars. Ha had spent the nights in the dark and revealed the mystery.

This temple consists of the Kakatiyas temple construction style. Manohar was surprised to see that they diverted the light and made the shadow to fall in that period using physical science. This temple is constructed with the help of scattered light and we should consider two things. They are the light source and object. This shadow is not only single pillars and it is the shadow of four pillars. The light comes from two directions. The light enters into the sanctum from two sides of the east sanctum. This light falls on the four pillars and scatters. The construction is done in such a way that the scattered light falls on the Shiva lingam. We get a doubt that when the construction is same the shadow should fall on the remaining two sanctums also. And another doubt is that the light should travel if it is the suns light and why is it constant. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west and this is called as sun track. So they have constructed so that the light falls on the west sanctum. They kept the statues in the sides of the temple in which the shadow is falling to stop the light. So there won’t be light in the east sanctum. They had left the space in the south to stop the light falling in the north sanctum. If they have constructed in that side also, then there would be shadow in the north sanctum also.

So we should say hats off to the construction of the Cholas in that age using the physical science. There are many constructions in Andhra Pradesh in this way. And it is sad to say that the temple is in very bad stage. So the Archeological department should take the action to protect these temples.

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