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May 9th, 2010| Travel.

‘Bharat Darshan’ not available to AP – Very affordable package for tour offered by railway department

Railway department has less priority for Andhra Pradesh in all aspects. Though there are affordable tour packages in railways, they are  not made available in Andhra Pradesh. Railway department has launched ‘Bharat Darshan’ in 2005 to facilitate passenger for touring the various places of India at an affordable price itself. This train is not been made available in South Central Railways till now. Here is a point to note, Railway officials are saying that ten percent of the tourists touring different places of India are from Andhra Pradesh. Even having much demand, officials’ negligence and lack of awareness among politicians are cruising the people of Andhra Pradesh.

bharat-darshanWhat is the specialty of Bharat Darshan?

Passengers can tour in this train at very affordable prices. Let us consider the fare for one family. If Bharat Darshan departs in Madhurai and reaches Mumbai via Renugunta stations, the train will reach Shirdi after the passengers tour those places. Later, the tour moves to Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora. Then it reaches Hyderabad. After visiting the tourist places, it will move to Goa. After staying for two days in Goa, it returns back to Madurai. This tour takes 13 nights and 14 days of time. Passengers of this tour are provided with the facilities like tiffin, meals, accommodation in some places, guide, medical assistance, road transport, special security, coach attendants and others. The total amount of fare for a single person is Rs. 7, 181. These kinds of packages are made available for the people of different railway zones. Except northern and southern zone, Bharat darshan is available in all zones.

Number of people touring the different tourist places is high. Bharat darshan rail is highly necessary here. It can be achieved when pressurized on railway board. If the income ways are explained, it is not much difficult to get these trains. But there is sacristy for the one who takes responsibility of explaining and pressurizing.

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