What is the specialty of Hyderabad biryani? | How did biryani originate in Hyderabad?

September 11th, 2010| In India.

What is the specialty of Hyderabad biryani? | How did biryani originate in  Hyderabad?

Hyderabad biryani

The Hyderabad has more than three and half decades history and the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb concentrated to extend his dynasty towards south region. The first Mughal grandfather was the in charge of the empire. The Mughal people used to travel between Hyderabad and Persia. The origin of the biryani was in this way and they first named it as biryani which is Persian name.

Biryani everywhere:

There are 325 hotels in Hyderabad and everyday more than one lakh people eat it. Many people are satisfied and enjoy the biryani at the places like Paradise, Bawarchi, Hyderabadi House, Alpha, Cafe Behar, Garden Restaurant, Nayab And Shabad. There will be nearly 2 crores sale on December 31st. people mostly eat the biryani on Saturdays and Sundays. There won’t be place and seats to eat biryani in famous hotels on holidays. The business of the Hyderabad biryani is estimated up to 250-300 crores per year.


There are many parcels which are exported to other countries. The biryani packets will be exported to Singapore, America, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Britain regularly. The biryani packets prepared with oil can be stored up to three days in freezer.

Paradise biryani:

The paradise biryani is famous for its quality and they will cook the biryani after two hours after applying the masala to the meat. The taste which is not found anywhere is the property of Hyderabad biryani and the environment along with the way of cooking are its special features. It is not enough to prepare the biryani with good quality materials and it is more important to prepare them in a traditional way. The taste of the biryani changes when cooked on gas stove and it is very tasty when cooked in pot. They should cook the biryani in a pot where the coal is placed at the top and bottom. And so the Hyderabad biryani is very tasty.

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