What should we consider while joining in engineering – either college or branch? | Various branches of engineering available in Andhra Pradesh

July 23rd, 2010| Education.

What should we consider while joining in engineering – either college or branch? | Various branches of engineering available in Andhra Pradesh

The students who are joining in engineering are showing interest towards the electronics and communication engineering branch. This branch is there in every engineering college in the Andhra Pradesh and there are more than 40,000 seats. There are 50,000 seats in the computer science branch and 40,000 seats in the electrical and electronics engineering branch. There are 1,30,000 seats in total in the three branches in the Andhra Pradesh. That means any candidate who attains 40% marks in the engineering field can get the seat in the branch they are interested.


The students will be confused whether to give the preference to the branch or college. It is not so important to consider the college as there will be labs and other facilities in any college, so the student should prefer the branch than the college. There won’t be a particular methodology of teaching in the engineering and so the student may prefer the branch.

  • If there is confusion between the university and private college, then it is better to opt the university with another branch than private college.
  • When there is a confusion between the old college and new college, then we should select the old college without the selecting the new college for the required branch.

The student will be confused to select the branch and then they should give importance to the core branches. All the core branches are available in our state and it would be better to select them. When we take the case of new branches, as there are no qualified teachers and proper information it may affect the future of the student. For example, there is a bright future for the biotechnology but we should opt the subject only after knowing the information of the teachers, lab facilities etc. the college which gives importance to the other activities along with the core subjects. We generally listen that the students are excellent in subject but are not able to express their views. So we should select a college where they give training in all fields.

Branches in engineering colleges in the Andhra Pradesh:

  • Electronics and communication (ECE)
  • Computer science (CSE)
  • Information technology (INF)
  • Electrical and electronics (EEE)
  • Mechanical (MEC)
  • Civil (CIV)
  • Electronics and instrumentation (EIE)
  • Biotechnology (BIO)
  • Chemical (CHE)
  • Aeronautical (ANE)
  • Electronics and computer (ECM)
  • Production/ industrial engineering (IPE)
  • Biomedical (BME)
  • Instrumentation and control (ICE)
  • Instrumentation engi./technology (IST)
  • Applied electronics and instrumentation (AEI)
  • Automobile (AUT)
  • Computer science and system (CSS)
  • Electronics and control systems (ECS)
  • Electronics and telematics (ETM)
  • Mechatronics (MCT)
  • Metallurgical (MET)
  • Metallurgy and material technology (MMT)
  • Planning (PLG)
  • Ceramic technology (CER)
  • Geoinformatics (GIN)
  • Mining (MIN)
  • Food processing technology (FPT)
  • Textile technology (TEX)
  • Chemical bio (CBE)
  • Naval architecture and marine (NMA)
  • Dairying (DRG)
  • Food science (FDS)
  • Agricultural engineering (AGR)
  • Commercial agriculture and business management (CAB)
  • Digital techniques for design and planning (DTD)
  • Facilities and services planning (FSP)
  • Pharmacy (PHM)
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