What to do when the credit/debit card is lost | Missing or lost or stuck up of card in ATM machines and points to remember in such situations

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What to do when the credit/debit card is lost | Missing or lost or stuck up of card in ATM machines and points to remember in such situations

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Sometimes debit cards get stuck in the ATM.  Credit cards may go missing.  Nothing can be done just by worrying in such situations.  Money in the cards may also be lost.  Immediate actions that are to be taken in such situations are discussed below.

The usage of plastic money, which is ATM cards, Debit, Credit cards is increasing day by day.  ATM cards are now available to even the rural people with core banking.  One should have total awareness of problems faced in using these cards and remedies to the problems.  Plastic money is very useful, at the same time may cause inconvenience.

If the card is lost

Now people are not carrying money in their purses.  One can find only plastic cards in the purses as there is a convenience of withdrawing money from ATMs anywhere. If the purse along with the cards goes missing, block the card immediately.  Whether the card is ATM, Debit, Credit or international card, the first thing one should do when the card is lost is to block the card. The card can be blocked by making a phone call to the bank customer care, Card Service Provider Call Center or through phone banking.  Details like name of the card holder, card number, date of birth and bank account number has to be provided.  Generally the card is blocked as a precautionary measure, irrespective of the person making a complaint about the loss of the card, if the card number and name of the card holder information is provided.

If the card is misplaced

Sometimes the card is misplaced. If the card is blocked, it may take one week to get the new card.  If it is not blocked, there is always a fear that if may be being used by other persons.  In these situations, the card can be blocked temporarily.  Banks like ICCIC and Axis are providing this facility. When a call is made to the customer care, they will ask whether the card is to be blocked temporarily or permanently.  The card can be blocked temporarily if one is not sure that the card is lost.  If it is found, call the bank and give details to revive the card.

Getting struck in the ATM machine

Many customers are facing this problem.  Money cannot be withdrawn when the card is struck and the card does not come out.  This problem is of two types.  The card may be struck in the ATM of the Bank which issued the card or in the ATM of a different bank.  There are separate solutions for these two problems.

If the card is struck in the ATM belonging to the Bank which issued the card, the card can be obtained again.  Go to the nearest branch of the bank and make a complaint.  The cards in the ATM which belong to the same Bank are sent to the respective branches depending on the card number.  The card then will be sent to the address by post.  It will take a minimum of one week.  If the card is blocked permanently, new card is to be obtained.  If the card is struck in the ATM of other banks they simply destroy the card. So the card should be blocked as a precautionary measure and then ask the bank to issue a new card.  Charges for providing new card are between Rs.200 – 500.


Banks some time provide the insurance coverage, when the card is lost and there are transactions with the lost card.  But one has to give complaint to the bank immediately and also an FIR is also to be submitted.  If the complaint is made immediately the banks will bear the losses of transactions with the card, without customer’s knowledge.  But the loss of the card matter is to be brought to the notice of the bank within 30 days.

Forgetting the PIN number

PIN number of a card is sometimes forgotten when the card is not used for long time or because there are many cards.  People generally do not like to write the PIN number of the card anywhere.  There is no need to try different permutations and combinations.  Bring this matter to the notice of the bank and the bank will provide a new PIN number.  The PIN number will be sent to the address given in the account.  Rs.25 to 50 will be charged for this service.

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