What was the first freedom fight that took place in 1857? | Which incident lead to the freedom struggle?

September 27th, 2010| In India.

What was the first freedom fight that took place in 1857? | Which incident lead to the freedom struggle?

Freedom fight 1857

The first freedom fight took place in 1857 when Indian soldiers revolted against the British who were working in the East India Company. They call this revolution as sipoy revolution and they also call this revolt as this was the first revolution against British. There are many reasons for this revolts like politics, religion, financial etc. the East India Company used to separate the Indian soldiers and British soldiers and give partiality to them. They never gave the salaries to Indian soldiers and they used to treat them like animals. They used to insult the Indian soldiers and the insults had increased to a range that they were not able to tolerate.

There were 40,000 British soldiers in the East India company where as the Indian soldiers were up to two lakhs. They used to give more facilities to the British people than Indian people. They used to give less importance to the Indian scientists in the position matter and they used to send the Indian soldiers to the far places where there were no minimal facilities. There was another important reason other than these which lead to the revolt. The main reason is that they had revolted when the British people asked them to throw the bombs which were prepared with the cow and pig meat by pulling them with mouth. The Hindus were angry as they used the cow meat and the Muslims were angry as they used the pig meat. When there was revolt in Meerut, the Mughal emperor reached Delhi next day and declared Bahadur Shah as the emperor. The common people, farmers and other people also participated in the revolt. There was no proper planning for the revolt and so the British could stop it. They had closed the East India Company after the revolt. They had again established the power in 1858 and India had been under the power of British people. This had lead to the freedom struggle and this had been the main incident in the history.

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