Where is Rohtung tunnel constructed and what are its advantages? | What are the details of the Rohtung tunnel construction?

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Where is Rohtung tunnel constructed and what are its advantages? | What are the details of the Rohtung tunnel construction?

Rohtung tunnelThe Rohtung tunnel means that the dead bodies hill and it is so called as many people died here due to the glaciers and winds. They used to frighten to travel in this route in the olden days. This is at a distance of 51 kilometers from Manali and it is situated on the Manali- leh main road which is 4000 meters high from the seashore. The transport will be stopped in this area for six months when there is more snowfall. And so the government had given green signal for the construction of the Rohtung tunnel which is 8.8 kilometers. And this will be the longest tunnel constructed at a height of 2500 meters above the sea shore.

The thought of the Rohtung tunnel was there before 25 years. This was the dream of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and they should first connect the two ends of the place to construct the tunnel. They should construct a road of 100 kilometers to connect this two ends. Even though the schedule for the project had been started, it had been stopped due to few reasons. And after that Atul Bihari Vajpayee started it in 2002 and it was completed in 2005. The road was constructed in such a way that it is not damaged due to snowfall or glaciers or wind. The technology required was developed by the DRDO and the cabinet had agreed to the construction of tunnel in the last month. They have estimated that it would be completed in five years and it requires 1500 crores investment. The construction is done under the guidance of the BRO. The design and consultancy project is taken up by the SMEC international company. But in fact, there can’t be transport facility throughout the whole year due to this tunnel. There are two more ways after this tunnel and they are constructing the road by combining those two roads also which is 300 kilometers.

If the construction of the tunnel is completed, the distance between Jammu and Kashmir reduces by 48 kilometers. There will be transport facilities to Ladak during whole year. They can easily transport the weapons to the Ladak. If this tunnel won’t be there, there won’t be connections with the Spiti in Lahaul which is in Himachal Pradesh.

As the Ladak area will be filled with snow for 6 months, there won’t be transport for it also. There will be no problem if the is tunnel constructed. The farmers can also sell their goods in the market and the tourism will also increase. There will be job offers also.

There are many dangerous places in this way and they should be careful in these areas. We can’t know when will the snow fall and many people may die. They are keeping these points in this mind and they are constructing this very carefully. They are arranging semi transverse ventilation systems to provide the oxygen as the people go higher and this will help the people to get oxygen at higher places. They have arranged fans at the two ends of the tunnel and they release fresh air in to the tunnel. They are arranging the sensors which detect the dangers and they will immediately realize the explosions. They are also arranging loud speakers to inform the other travelers about accident. There are many CC cameras which are connected to the information centers at the two ends. So that they can know whatever happens in the tunnel every second.

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