Where is Takshasila university? | Takshasila University Importance and the studies taught

August 15th, 2010| Education, In India.

Where is Takshasila university? | Takshasila University Importance and the studies taught

Takshasila universityTakshasila University is one of the two important Universities in ancient India.  Takshasila is also called Taxila.  This is presently located in Pakistan.  It is situated near the west of Grand Trunk road 35 kms, from Islamabad in Punjab state.  It was established in 700 BC.  It shined as a Hindu and Buddhist centre between 600 BC and 500 BC.  There are differences of opinions between historians about whether it is a University or a learning center established for higher education.

According to the history, nearly 10,500 students used to study here.  Students from as far as countries like Babylonia, Greece, Arabia and China used to come here.
More than 60 Courses like Science, Mathematics, Politics, Medicine, Astronomy, Music, Astrology and Philosophy were taught here.  Generally students used to come here at the age of 16.  They used to study their favorite subjects at the teacher there.  The students had to pay some amount as Dakshina.  If they could not pay the fees they used to serve the teachers.  Apart from Law, Medicine and war strategies 18 different arts like Vedas, Archery, hunting and elephant riding were also taught.  Takshasila was famous for Medical education.  Many famous personalities like Panini (famous Sanskrit grammarian), Chanakya, and famous ancient Indian doctor Charaka and Chandragupta Mourya were all students of this university.  Historians say that Chanakya had written his Arthasasthra here, and his relationship with this University had brought fame to this University.   UNESCO had declared Takshasila as a World Heritage Site in 1980.

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