Which is the cheap and best UV purifiers in India? | Comparison between water purifiers (Tata Swach, Aqua Sure, HUL Pure-It), that work without using electricity

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Which is the cheap and best UV purifiers in India? | Comparison between water purifiers (Tata Swach, Aqua Sure, HUL Pure-It), that work without using electricity

UV purifiers

Cheaper Water Purifiers

Not only water but power is also a problem in the rural areas. So companies which offer inexpensive water purifiers which do not need electricity can only survive in the market. Hindustan Unilever and Tata chemicals are already in the race with Pure-it and Swatch purifiers. Eureka Forbes has recently launched Aqua Sure with positive charge technology. The price of this purifier is Rs.2,290 and refilling cartridge costs Rs.200.

TATA Company has brought a revolution in the automobile field with their Tata Nano car. They have brought a revolution in water purifier’s field also. HUL has entered the market with an inexpensive water purifier, but Tata chemicals has launched ‘Swatch’ for Rs.999 as a competition. It has also launched a purifier ‘Tata Swatch smart magic’ for Rs.499. As a result of this HUL has brought down the price of Pure-it to Rs.1,000 from Rs.2,000. But the capacity of the purifier is decreased. Both the products of these companies do not need electricity to run. 20% share in the sales of purifiers has been possessed by AquaSure and Pure-it. They are expected to have a growth rate of 100%. Godrej purifier is developing another purifier for rural purpose in addition to the existing one.

Ultra violet purifiers occupy two thirds if share in the present market. Remaining one part share is occupied by Reverse Osmosis and Chemical purifiers. There is a reason for it. Reverse osmosis is an expensive procedure so these products also are expensive (Rs.13,000 – 25,000). So people do not select this. Ultra violet water purifiers are suitable for all regions and prices are also less. The price starts from Rs.5,000 and more (excluding the cheaper ones).


BSI quality measure has to be followed by all mineral water and packaged water manufacturers. But there is no such thing for water purifiers. There are some councils to provide safe drinking water in some countries. Environment protection agency for America, European Chemicals agency for European countries is a few examples. This is not the situation in India. Even branded companies are not following the quality measures. They are not providing the information like what are the chemicals being used and what is the life time of the filters. These branded companies are also not against having some quality standards. One of the representatives of HUL has said that there is every need to set some standards and the government and industry councils will have to do something about this. Eureka Forbes is also with the same opinion.

Tata Chemicals, HUL and Eureka Forbes are already in the race to provide cheaper water purifiers. Godrej is planning to enter into this market. The following are the cheaper water purifiers available in the market.

Product Price in rupees capacity Price of the cartridge Capacity of the

Cartridge In liters

Tata Swach 999 18 299 3000
Aqua Sure 2290 20 200 750
HUL Pure-It 2000 18 365 1500
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