Which one is better among GRE and GMAT? | Cutting edges of GRE over GMAT

October 10th, 2010| Education.

Which one is better among GRE and GMAT? | Cutting edges of GRE over GMAT

There were two answers for the candidates who want to write the assessment exam to continue their studies in the abroad and preferably America. Those two were GMAT and GRE. The answer is based on the course which the candidate wants to study. GMAT is the exam that should be attempted by the candidates who want to study the management courses and GRE is the exam to be attempted those who want to continue their studies in engineering and science fields. This assumption is now changed as there is more competition between the institutes.


The students with science background should write GRE exam to pursue their further studies in abroad. The American business schools are also accepting the GRE score along with GMAT score. Now the students can enter either management group or science group with GRE but the students are not having entrance to other courses other than management course with GMAT score. For example, a student should write the GRE and GMAT exams for higher studies or research in the past if they are having the background in other subjects like zoology, biology etc and want to study management course. Now it is enough to write the GRE exam in the present day. And so the students who want to write GMAT are showing interest towards the GRE now.


Another important thing is that the fee for the GMAT is 250 dollars and the fee for the GRE is only 190 dollars. And so GRE is better financially also. It is surprising to know that few commerce students are showing interest towards the GMAT as it is specially designed for the management course.

From when:

The Stanford business school had started considering the GRE score from 2005 and other 350 business schools are following it as it is the only way for them. And so there were differences between the ETS and GMSC and this conflict had led to the changes in the examination pattern.


The ETS had declared that the changes will be done in the GRE exam pattern so the portion related to the management course is also included. The changes include the verbal and quantitative reasoning in the GRE and thus making it tuff. There is no doubt that the two exams will bring out the talent of the students in the same way. It is better to decide to write what exam based on the decision of the experienced candidates even though there is another solution.

What are B-Schools telling?

The B-Schools are telling that the score in the GRE is having less importance in the entrance in the schools. They are telling that they are considering the GRE score just to take the students who want to do dual degree in bio engineering, law, medicine and public policy along with management course. The decision to write the GRE exam is increasing more as it is considered for all the courses but actually GRE is only for the freshers in the science and humanities students. Their decision for the candidates who have experience in the management course more than two years should write the GMAT exam only.

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