White spots can be cured using Homeo Medicine

August 22nd, 2012| Health.

I am 27yrs Old. I got a white spot on my back when I was 13yr old and used many medicines with doctor�s advice. But there is no positive result. Instead in 4 years of time period, skin color has changed to complete white color on palms, legs, lips, brain. Sometimes white skin comes back to normal color. Is there any permanent remedy for this using homeo medicine? If so, Please kindly advice?
– G.Varalakshmi, Ravulapalem.

In medical terms, it�s called �Vitiligo� which means skin looses its color and becomes complete white due to auto immuno disorder. This disease occurs because of destruction of melanocytes, i.e. color cells which gives color to the body. White spots occurs in different parts of the body due to the destruction of melanocytes and lack of proper reaction. Especially this can be seen more on the face, neck, eyes, nostrils, navel and reproductive organs. This disease affects more for those people who suffers from any of the diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid, Pernesias, anemia, alopecia erita, addisons.

1. Melanin (which decides the color for the body) produces from melanocytes. Skin, hair and eyes get color due to melanin. Due to certain situations and some reasons, percentage of melanin production becomes less. Because of this, white spots occur in different parts of the body.
2. In some situations, this may arise due to injuries on the body.
3. Due to the auto immuno reaction, disease may occur even if the color of the cell gets self-destructed.
4. Occurs due to certain illnesses like stress, hypertension.
5. No specific reasons in some situations.

Homeo Therapy:
1. Arsenic Alphum:
This medicine suits for those people who suffer from occurring white spots, burning sensation, itchy feeling, irresistible cold weather, more thirsty feeling and with poor water intake.
2. Sylicia:
Different kinds of skin diseases occur especially for those who react more for body injuries. This medicine suits for those kind of mentalities � Being stubborn and timid, stage fear, inferiority complex, hyper tension to experiment new things, exam fear and worry more whether things will happen or not, sweats more for palms and hands.

3. Arsenic, Flarum, Sulphartum:
This gives good results who suffer from itchy white spots and having many cracks.

4. Phosphorus:
There will be itching and burning sensation on the white spots. This medicine suits for those who have many cracks and more chances of bleeding. These people are very sensitive and feel more pressure. They cannot bear cold weather and likes ice creams, cool drinks more.
This disease can be cured permanently keeping mentality and behaviour in point of view using different homeo medicines like Calkeria Siliketa, calkeria, Natrumcarb sipia, Alumina, Yaje.
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