Why are Silk (pattu) saris famous for the wedding collection? | Latest trends and fashions in the selection of Silk (pattu) saris

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Why are Silk (pattu) saris famous for the wedding collection? | Latest trends and fashions in the selection of Silk (pattu) saris

The wedding sari is having a special place in the clothes of the bride. The bride will have interest to wear a silk (pattu) sari during the marriage time. The (pattu) sari will be in the top position in the list of the clothes and the gagras & half saris come next. They also select the saris for the guests and they may select the casual saris or designer saris.

Evergreen pattu:

The guests who attend a marriage will see the bride and their attention will be on her. It is very common for the bride to wear a Silk (Pattu) sari on her wedding day as it will be a sweet memory. They will take more care while selecting the sari for the bride. Most of the people select the Kanchipattu and Upadapattu saris. They generally like the heavy work saris with small border. Most of the women are liking the handicrafts and Jaipur work saris. The patch work and stone work saris are getting the attraction and the sarvoski saris are sold more. The saris are ranging from 15 thousand to 3 lakhs. The value of the costly sari is equal to 30% gold and 70% silver. There are 30 to 50 thousand sarvoski stone work saris along with 20 to 30 thousand simple work saris.

Fancy formula:

The fancy saris are in the next position to the silk (pattu) saris. The fancy designer saris are the correct option to look different in the functions and parties from others. Self contrast, party style and multi shaded are gaining good popularity in the market. There is more demand for the samudrika pattu, Benaras, Lucknow fancy and Jaipur silks. Most of the people are coming to forward to spend any amount of money if they like the design. The price of the sari depends on the work of the sari. Most of the people are liking the mirror work, patch work, sequence, cut work, embroidery, parrel work, kundan and jarjosi work saris. Multi shades, double weaving, jari by jari and padia technology saris are there in wedding care collection. The saris are available from 5 thousand to 60 thousand rupees. The saris that are taken as casual wear are very attractive in different types like cotton, fancy cotton, synthetic cotton, mangalagiri,  jorget, half and half color saris and uppada pattu.

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