Why is Sona masuri rice famous? | Origin of sona masuri rice

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Why is Sona masuri rice famous? | Origin of sona masuri rice

sona masuri rice

The demand for the sona masuri rice in the country is more than the demand for other types of rice in the country. There is national and international level recognization for the Kurnool sona masuri rice other than its importance in Andhra Pradesh. There is 50% usage of the Kurnool sona masuri rice all over India and this is followed from two decades. The demand is increasing but it is not decreasing and there are no alternatives for this type of rice.


They had done the research in the Bapatla Agriculture College and Rajendra Nagar Agricultural College and developed this rice. They had named this rice as BPT 5204 and they had released it into the market with the name as sona masuri in 1986. The name had come as Kurnool sona masuri as it had been prepared more at Kurnool. They call it as Kurnool sona masuri even in the foreign countries and they grow this rice in two lakh acres in Kurnool. They invest Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 in one acre and they get the production up to 38 to 45 sacks in which each is of 75 kilos. The farmers can have the money up to Rs.10,000 to Rs.15000 as profit. As they are sold as hot cakes, it is profitable for the farmers and the production is more as there is water from many projects to these plants. There are godowns in the Nandyala village which can store up to one crore sacks in them for one year. They grow this sona masuri in other districts like Rayalasema, coastal Andhra and Telangana.

They are rejected when they are developed in bapatla as the plantation results were not better and they had again developed this type of rice in Nandyala. And the plantation was done by supporting the mosquito bites and then this was practiced in other places also. They are other types of rice which give more production but the quality and demand is more for this type of rice. They also mix other type of rice in the sona masuri and Padmasri award is given to the Dr.Reddy who found this type of rice.

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