Wine Tourism in Maharastra, India | NASIK WINE manufacturing companies

April 13th, 2013| News.

Nasik wineAround the Nasik, wine manufacturing centers spread over hundreds acres, are visiting places to the wine lovers and for general tourists. Greenery grape gardens, duly attached with wine manufacturing centers and knowing about the methods and procedures of wine manufacturing is a special and attraction to the tourists. In surrounds of Nasik 12 to 15 wine manufacture centers are available.

In the year 1993, the Rajiv Samanth, who has left the Cylicanvali employment has found that the Nasik surroundings are suitable to start the wine centers, since in these area the facilities for development of grape cultivation farms and the basic amenities are found by him to start the wine centers. Accordingly he has taken steps to start the farms and wine centers. As such more wine centers have commenced in Nasik surrounds. These wineries cannot be compared to the companies of France, Italy and America. But the wineries available in these areas are very competitive and qualitative and occupy the top ranks in the wine industry. From the stage of cutting of grapes for supply to the wine centers and manufacturing the same as wine and all kind of stages can be seen by the tourist in person. This kind facility is providing to the tourists by the wineries. The tourist can enjoy the taste of the wine duly seeing the greenery grape gardens and staying 2 or 3 days in these surroundings.