Winter is best for losing weight-Body responds well to exercises in winter

December 12th, 2011| Health.

Winter weight loss tips

 Winter weight loss tips

In winter season body will be dull and most of the people feel lazy to get up early in the morning for exercising.   As a result body will gain weight and people become obese.   But the truth is that body will respond well in winter season for losing body weight.   Regular exercise will help the mind and body to be active in winter season.   If one stops exercising for few days it is difficult to continue it afterwards.   Winter season causes some problems for those who workout in early mornings.   It is better to go for walking or do exercises after the sun rises.   If it is not possible it is better to exercise in the evening but it is not advisable to completely stop exercising.

Those who go for walking in the early mornings of winter should wear two T shirts one of which can be removed after the body becomes warm.   Body gets absorbs less oxygen in winter season due to changes in weather.   To avoid respiratory problems one should give importance to exercises which open the lungs.   Cardio exercises, strength exercises can be done on the alternate days.   Chest will expand well in winter season.   Figure can be maintained by practicing push-ups, triceps, crunches etc.   Those who cannot go out for exercises should practice Yoga or opt for cycling, treadmill, other gym exercises and kick boxing.

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